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Rigid boxes are considered high-end packaging boxes. The rigid boxes being made of thick cardboard, they have the advantage of having a solid and non-collapsible construction, and their solid construction can offer good protection, increased quality and a feeling of luxury. That’s why rigid boxes are considered high-end packaging products for high-value packaging products and gifts. Rigid boxes can add greater confidence in the quality of items packed inside. The rigid boxes have a different appearance because they are covered with various papers wrapped in elegant finishes. It is therefore easy to find the right rigid boxes for all occasions. Rigid boxes are perfect as cosmetic boxes, candle boxes, gift boxes, presentation boxes, gift card boxes, game boxes, shoe boxes, and more.

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Rigid Boxes for Clothing

Rigid boxes are ideal for the quality and luxury of clothing. The first boxes for rigid clothes can be of any size to fit different objects, such as blouses, lingerie, shirts, sweaters, dresses, sheets, bathrobes, jackets. Rigid boxes for clothing can also represent an activity and products. The best and elegant boxes for rigid clothing can become a souvenir after use, printed in a personalized way. Rigid clothing boxes can become sustainable advertising for branding and marketing.

Rigid clothing boxes come in a variety of styles, including two-piece clothing boxes, one-piece hinged lid heavy boxes, drawer clothes boxes.

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Many companies prefer two-piece rigid clothing boxes, which is a cost-effective way to create stylish and luxurious clothing boxes. These rigid clothing boxes have a base and lid, easy to open and close, ideal for storage in a retail store.

Where to buy two-piece rigid clothing boxes? Where to wholesale two boxes of rigid clothing?

Three-piece rigid neck boxes with hot-stamped logo.

it is rigid cardboard, made from sturdy cardboard for very solid construction, special cardboard covered with special paper with textured finishes, three pieces with base, lid and neck, hot logo marking on the top of the lid.

The rigid-neck style boxes have an elegant and quality look, ideal for high-end gift boxes and presentation boxes.

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Rigid Boxes with hinged lid and Printed logo

This one-piece rigid box, made to measure according to customer specifications, consists of 1200 g paper to form a solid tray, then wrapped in a matt plasticized paper, with lid and hinged flap, closure of satin ribbon.

Hard hinged lid boxes are ideal as gift boxes, presentation boxes, gift card boxes, clothing boxes, candle boxes, baskets boxes, cosmetic boxes, custom logo printable top and bottom. in the lid, advertise your business more times. Different finishes and closures, rigid boxes with custom printing can add more value to your business and your products.

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Boxes with Rigid Candles

Rigid boxes consist of sturdy particle boards in the form of a tray and then packaged with a different paper. The rigid boxes, therefore, have not only a very solid construction, but also a different appearance for an elegant and quality appearance. When choosing high-value packaging products, rigid boxes are used as cosmetic boxes, presentation boxes, gift card boxes, confectionery boxes, game boxes, and so on.

Rigid boxes are available in all shapes – round and square – to your liking, rigid boxes are ideal for candles. Whether you like round candle boxes or square candle boxes, it’s easy to create a rigid candle from the right boxes to fit exactly with your candle.

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You can choose recyclable kraft paper and kraft paperboard to make environmentally friendly rigid candles, or special paper to build luxurious candle boxes. We can print your logo on rigid candle boxes in offset, hot stamping, embossing.

Magnetic boxes with hinged lid

It is a 1200 g rigid board of very strong construction covered with matt laminated technical paper, solid color printing, 100% inked cover, hinged lid with flat and magnetic closure, logo embossed.

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Printcosmo specializes in the manufacture of rigid boxes. Printcosmo rigid boxes are available in all sizes, colors, and shapes. These rigid boxes include rigid boxes with hinged lid, rigid two-piece boxes with base and lid, rigid three-piece boxes with base, lid, and neck. Offers huge hardware options, standard paper, printing, finishing, and closing to create a custom box that fits your needs. We also offer a custom insert that allows you to keep products in boxes safely.

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