Why your AC unit must be precisely matched to your home

Correct AC dimensions are a must

Regardless of the season or time of year, it is important to have the right size of air conditioner. Because these systems work overtime in the heat of Texas, summer is a particularly critical time for the right size. An AC / heating system of incorrect format can lead to a number of problems.DC inverter Ac price in Pakistan is ecnomical as compared to other countries.

The dangers of incorrect dimensions

One of the problems that can be caused by a conditioner with an incorrect format is a higher than normal humidity in the house. Other possible problems are above-average electricity bills and increased wear of the system.

Incorrect dimensions of the air conditioner and high humidity

Oversized AC / heating systems tend to perform shorter heating / cooling cycles. Reduced gait cycles leave the system with insufficient time to remove excess water vapor from the air, leading to moisture problems. Higher than normal humidity in the home can feel hotter inside than the temperature indicated on the thermostat.

More importantly, high humidity can cause mold growth on walls, ceilings and floors, creating an unhealthy environment. And once your home develops mold, it can be difficult and expensive to correct. With an AC / heating system of the right size, water vapor can be removed sufficiently, so that a dry and cool environment is maintained in the house.

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Incorrect size of air conditioner and inconsistent run cycles

If your device is too large, it may go through its cycle too quickly and / or inconsistently. On the other hand, the run cycles of a substandard unit can be too long and / or too short. A shortened cycle can ensure that chambers further away from the thermostat remain uncooled. Whether it is too large or too small, the running cycles of an incorrect sized HVAC system can also vary in length from one cycle to the next.

Incorrect dimensioning of air conditioners and increased electricity costs

If your system turns on and off too often and / or runs in cycles of inconsistent length, you pay more for the electricity needed to make it work. In addition, excessive switching on and off and inconsistent heating / cooling cycles can significantly increase general wear, leading to costly repairs and even the need for replacement. In addition, a too large HVAC system will naturally consume more power than a smaller, correctly sized unit, adding even more to your heating / cooling costs.

Three common signs that you may need to replace your AC

Symptoms of a sick AC

During the height of summer here in South Central Texas, there are days when your AC works almost non-stop to keep up. This makes it a crucial tool for the health and well-being of your family. AC systems last on average between 10 and 15 years. After that you will probably have to think about a replacement. Here are a few common signs that it might be time to replace your AC.

  1. Rising energy bills

It is normal for your electricity bill to increase when you use the alternating current more often in the spring and summer; however, the increase may not be much higher than the annual costs in previous seasons. AC systems can gradually become less efficient as they age. This may be due to the age of individual parts or it may be due to undetected mechanical problems.

Whatever the reason, this loss of efficiency means that your AC uses more energy to cool your home than when it was new. There comes a time when you have to decide whether you continue to invest in an old system or if you buy a new, more efficient model. A new unit will immediately save money on energy bills and work reliably without constant maintenance.

  1. Your house is not comfortable

If your home is still hot and stuffy, even if your older AC model is active all day, the system may have reached the end of its life. Or perhaps the system no longer cools your home evenly – this is another possible sign of the need for replacement. If the system makes strange noises and / or emits unusual odors, these are additional indicators that it may be time to buy a new air conditioner.

Consequently, uneven cooling can also be a sign that your AC system is not suitable for your home.

  1. Frequent failures

Older AC systems that are constantly failing can put pressure on your patience, comfort and budget. How often does your system break down? How much do you pay each time to have it repaired? If your air conditioning system fails every month or even every month, the costs can increase considerably. In the meantime, you also pay a serious price for hassle and discomfort and, probably, comfort. That’s why buying a new system can be much cheaper, while you and your family get new peace of mind.

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