Why are Cereal Boxes Half Empty?

We are also thinking about that! There is so much room in these boxes that are wasted. Why cannot they make smaller boxes or just fill big ones?

One of the reasons could be that when these boxes are transported from one place to another, they undergo many brutal treatments. If the boxes were filled with grain, bigger flakes would break and your grain would not break down.

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Cereal Boxes
Cereal Boxes

Another reason might be that larger boxes give the impression that there is a lot of cereal on the inside. However, a regular buyer would know that, as all these boxes are half full, they all contain more or less the same amount of grain.

Is this a useless activity? Admittedly, it takes more cardboard than necessary. Cardboard comes from trees, and every case of waste results in increased destruction of forests. What is the most ecological solution then? Printcosmo cereal boxes, for sure.

These handbags are not made of paper, so they are perfect for trees. The sachet manufacturing process uses minimal energy, which leads to an environmentally friendly manufacturing technique. In addition, a pouch does not take up more space than a sheet of flat paper, so it can be shipped easily, saving more energy.

Cereal Boxes
Cereal Boxes

They are reusable and, with the addition of a zipper, the customer can take the desired amount of grain and close the bag in the bag. Once they are used and used, they can be thrown into a landfill, where they occupy a minimum of space. Thus, it is not necessary to have additional landfills. We have limited space and we cannot add any.

More landfills mean a less useful area.

And then, they can be dug out of the landfill and grounded to form putty for various plastic products, such as park benches and kennels.

Are portable sachets biodegradable? No they are not. But wait, even as we say that paper bags are biodegradable; they need sunlight and oxygen to decompose. At the bottom of a landfill, where there is neither air nor light, a paper bag is as good as a plastic bag. This thing does not rot and go nowhere.

Small long bags are a greener alternative to cardboard boxes. They save trees and energy. If you do not want bulky and useless boxes, you can use flexible pouches. But a more important and important question is: is your box half empty or half full?

Cereal Boxes
Cereal Boxes

Why are cereals packed in cardboard?

Cereals are mainly packed in recycled cardboard. One of the reasons why cardboard is used for cereal packaging is recyclability, as it reduces environmental nuisance and reduces packaging costs. However, the use of recyclable cardboard boxes in cereals has disadvantages, as recent studies on the safety of cereal packaging in cardboard boxes have shown. These studies show that the use of these boxes increases the risk of contamination and thus makes us vulnerable to cancer and other diseases.

In 2011, a group of Swiss researchers conducted a study on the safety of cereal boxes collected on store shelves in Germany. They concluded that nearly 30% of the boxes caused the infiltration of contaminants into food, thus bypassing the protective plastic inner layers. They found that the amount of contaminants found in the cereals was above the agreed level. They discovered that ink and mineral oils were the main sources of contaminants. Research has also shown that thicker interior walls can protect food from contaminants, but their cost is higher.

Another reason for using cardboard boxes in cereal packaging is its supposed friendliness. These boxes are said to be easy to transport and use. We are not aware of any studies done on this subject, but experience with handbags has shown that these bags are easier to use than cardboard boxes. Zipper backpacks are easy to use. The side gussets can add protection without adding redundant empty space for which the cereal boxes are infamous. Single-use, nitrogen-filled disposable bags can provide effective protection against external shocks – all for a lower price.

Cereal Boxes
Cereal Boxes

With regard to safety, Printcosmo cereal bags are made from food grade materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Unlike many other types of recyclable grain cardboard boxes, these pouches contain no contaminants. The quality manufacturing process used here at printcosmo  guarantees the safety of our products for food packaging of all kinds. Our custom printed bags are made from multiple layers of laminated material. Together, these layers provide sufficient protection for your product. Accessories such as zippers and spouts enhance the user-friendliness of these bags. When it comes to the environment, shopping bags are easy to bury. In other words, they are a more environmentally friendly option compared to many other methods of packaging. And despite the many benefits offered, their production, transportation and storage are cheaper.

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