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5 Things to Do When You Fail ACCA Exams

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ACCA Pakistan-In all aspects of life, failure goes hand in hand with success. After a disappointment or loss, the difference is that everyone decides not to deliver and just gets up, rolls up their pants, and tries again. ACCA EXAMS, like ACCA students, are no exception.

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Everyone understands the importance of completing the ACCA tests. If you missed the first time, that doesn’t mean you’ll get an error the next time. So, if you fail the ACCA tests, what do you do?

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Here are five pointers to assist you in recovering and succeeding on the next attempt.

  • Don’t be a slacker.
  • Self-assessment.
  • Make a research schedule.
  • Enlist the assistance of your coworkers.
  • Psychologically train yourself.

ACCA Pakistan

Don’t be unmotivated: Keep your composure first and foremost. In the vast majority of cases, you will be granted a second opportunity to take the exam. So, just because you don’t pass the first time doesn’t mean that being a licensed accountant is your ultimate goal. Accepting bugs is the first step toward resolving them.


Calm down and carefully review all messages as they arrive. Accept that you have no influence over your current situation and that you are therefore panicking or blaming yourself for nothing.

Failure happens to everybody at some point in their lives, and how it affects you is up to you. Take some stress-free time to prepare for your next move if you plan to take the ACCA exams in the coming months, or if you need an opportunity. Keep the intention of being an auditor in mind.


The next step is to assess yourself and determine where you have lost points in order to find any errors. Have you attempted to answer all of the questions as instructed in the ACCA manual or by your tutor? 

Have you given yourself enough time to practice? Was one of the problems flawed?

A consultant learns from his or her errors, so it’s crucial to understand what went wrong. You’ll know the model, configuration, and pressures for the exam day after taking the ACCA exam. how it works in a nutshell

Make a list of any errors or flaws you found during your exam planning and attempt, and then focus on them as you prepare for your next exam. Look for an online forum or a website to check. You are making positive strides to step away from failure and towards progress in this manner.

Prepare a study plan:

The next move is to create a detailed research plan based on your self-assessment and prior experience or to obtain structured study assistance from an ACCA study provider. You started with your shortcomings, but bear in mind that, since the exam encompasses the whole curriculum, you’ll need to practice even in areas where you did well.

Make a resume that covers all of your coursework and experiences and fills in the gaps in your previous major. A reputable ACCA card provider might also be able to help you. It’s important to remember that making a plan is just the first step. What matters is that this is kept up.

Collaborate with your coworkers:

Since one person cannot rule over anything, feel free to seek assistance. Contact your colleagues if you have any questions. For assistance, contact an ACCA nameplate supplier. Otherwise, you should seek advice from experts and peers in the ACCA forums.

Your coworkers who have recently completed the ACCA classification may need some assistance. You may also contact your coworkers and inquire about how they intend to study or what strategies they used to remain on the resume. One of the most important ways to understand and maintain information is through group discussions/studies.

If you want to research at your own rate, you can always form a study group to discuss the overview of the topic at hand.

Mentally educate yourself: This is one of the most important things you will do. Mental stress, especially ACCA test stress, can have an impact on test results.

As a consequence, staying calm, getting a good night’s sleep before the exam, and eating a good breakfast the morning of the exam are all necessary. The higher you go, the more relaxed you become. Remember that you have already finished the exam and are well prepared. Accept that your courage is now the only thing standing between you and passing the test. Relax, take a deep breath, and test all of the questions to ensure that you pass the exam.

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