Recite the Quran as Allah revealed it

The Holy Quran is the word of Allah (SWT) which he revealed to his prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). It guarantees the success and prosperity of all mankind in this world and in the life to come. Every Muslim must recite the Quran correctly while observing the rules of recitation (called the rules of Tajweed). Allah (SWT) addressed his Messenger Mohammad (peace and blessings be upon him) saying: “… and recite the Quran with measured recitation.” (Holy Quran 25:32)

Here it is clear with what characteristic the Quran was revealed: a proper recitation. It is a recitation where each letter is recited as it should be, without deletions or additions. The first definition of Tajwid is therefore: Read the Quran as it has been revealed by Allah (SWT)

Thus, it is obligatory for us to abide by these rules so that we can recite them in the manner in which they have been revealed. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) repeatedly praised the students and teachers of the Quran: “The best of you is he who learns and teaches the Quran.”

Tajweed therefore means to recite the Quran in the same way that the Prophet (peace and greetings be upon Him) recited the Quran. Therefore, our courses to learn Quran with tajweed online will provide you with the opportunity to learn how to recite the Quran with its appropriate rules (Tajweed rules).

Our online Tajweed courses

First of all, our Quran Tajweed courses allow you to study the rules for reading the Quran. Thus, the recitation taught by our teachers is the reading of the Quran of Hafs an Asim. This recitation is very popular in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and throughout the Middle East. Similarly, among the readers – Qurra renowned in this recitation: the imams of Mecca Shouraim, Soudais, al Hudayfi, al Ghamidi, al Afassi, AbdulBassit Abdussamad, Mouaqli or even al Houssari.

In addition, our teachers will allow you to learn the rules of reading the Quran quickly by following famous tajweed books such as al Qawa’id an-nouraniya, al jazariya or even Touhfatu al Atfal. In short, the objectives of Tajwid’s courses are to enable you to:

  1. Worship Allah Most High through learning the correct recitation of the Holy Quran
  2. Establish a link between the student and the book of Allah by learning his chanting
  3. Make the student familiar with the rules of pronunciation of the letters of the Holy Quran and the main rules of Tajweed theoretically and in practice.
  4. Make the student able to correctly read Sura al Fatiha and the thirtieth Juz of the Holy Quran
  5. To allow the student able to recite correctly any part of the Holy Quran and thus to make him able to correct the recitation of the members of his entourage.
  6. Finally, the Tajweed courses of the Quran are available in individual or group packs.

Learn Quran with Tajweed online classes are divided into 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.


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