Why do I encourage everyone to learn Tajweed?

Learning Arabic for the Quran, who has not dreamed of it?

The concept

It is a program to understand 100% of the Quran in Arabic, without having to resort to translation. Starting from 0 without any notion, at the end of Level 1 (ie 1 month) you will be able to read and understand 8 suras.

At the end of Level 5 (i.e. 5 months), you will understand 70% of the Quran in Arabic.

It almost sounds too good to be true and yet their students are won over. In face-to-face or learn Quran with tajweed online recently, each level is progressive and offers 4 hours of lessons on weekends, coaching by telephone each week, an educational booklet, an application for revising, explanations of the suras studied, etc.

Quite simply, because it is everyone’s responsibility to correctly recite what little of the Qur’an they know. I am not talking here about reciting in a melodious way, but simply pronouncing each of the letters of the book of Allah as accurately as possible.

Tajweed is a very theoretical science that allows you to dissect the Arabic language and each rule of recitation. The advantage of this science, in my opinion, is that it is accessible to everyone and that it is possible to acquire a good foundation in just a few months. Of course there are great scholars of Tajweed who have devoted entire years to its learning, but for the average person who wishes to acquire the keys to an error-free recitation, a few months are enough.

Only a few months for a new life with the Quran? Definitely worth it in my opinion!

Moreover, it is well known that when we take a path to science, Allah makes it easy for us. Learning Tajweed may open many doors for you to learn other Islamic sciences, or you may become so fond of it that you in turn become a teacher, or even hafizhah! And Allah knows best what He has in store for each of us.

In any case, I advise everyone (and myself) not to abandon this science which can literally upset our relationship with the Quran and allow us to make it the companion of our life.

If you want to discover this science and take your first steps in learning Tajwid, I recommend to learn Quran with tajweed online  offered by Learn Quran Academy.

Sometimes it can seem like slowdowns like on the road of the trip in the middle of summer, taking its trouble patiently and continuing to move forward, groping, but moving forward all the same.

And there will be other moments which will sometimes resemble storms, but since you are already at sea you have no other choice but to cross it and arrive safely bi idni Allah.

However, if you want to make the Quran your intercessor on the Day of Judgment, you will have to devote time to it.

And among the moments which can upset your program of memorizing the itinerant Quran, there is first of all the marriage.

And even before entering into married life, it will be a question of informing the sister at the time of the mouqabala, about your degree of attachment to the Quran.


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