5 Tips To Wear The Little Black Dress In All Circumstances

The little black digital shirt dress, this great classic created and consecrated by Krosskulture, can suffer from its heritage and is often perceived as too formal, too strict or too common, too sad. Although everyone agrees that the little black dress still has its effect and remains chic in simplicity, it is not so easily adopted because of this fear of being too dressed either not enough original.

Here are 5 tips to go out more often the little black dress in the closet!

The little black dress to go to work:

You simply associate him with a Prince of Wales printed blazer or beige coat or trench coat. The two marry beautifully with the black dress.

The little black dress also fits for a weekend in the countryside:

Just put on a straw hat and sneakers and you’re done! If it is a little cool, add over a short vest in large mesh for a mix of style that will be the most beautiful effect.

 You can play the fashionistas when it sings to you:

By focusing on the originality of the shoes ! The little black dress will be super stylish with white boots or boots, with black boots, camel or reptile, worn on the skin. Finally, for an even sharper look, dare the black dress with pointed toe boots in a sparkling color!

The little black dress is ideal for going out at night:

  • either in a classic way, without risk, but always Wow: with accessories (shoes with heels and bag) in nude tones.
  • or with more personality for trendy places: adding over a long original kimono and strappy sandals.

What is your favorite association in all these ideas? Do you have other cool habits to wear the little black dress in any circumstances? Check online for more varied products at krosskulture

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