A Guide to Hair Transplant

As one of the fastest growing industries, especially medical tourism and hair transplantation; It attracted thousands of patients from all over the world. The medical field of hair transplant surgeries in the last decade has rapidly increased in popularity, causing it to break its competitors, both in Europe and the US, to demand the best place as the world’s leading country. for hair transplant operations. Average number of health visitors enters the country for hair transplantation alone, at the edge of about 5000 patients per month with the vast majority of these tourists coming from Europe and the Middle East. In addition, numbers are expected to grow to export in the coming years.

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Many factors emerge and why a billion-dollar industry appeals to a large number of health tourists, but the most significant is lower costs than clinics located in the US or Europe – and the same level of professionalism is maintained at the same time. The average hair transplant surgery, carried out by government certified surgeons under standard sterilization conditions, would sit anywhere on a $ 1500 to $ 2000 scale. The ratios that invite quality prices are not just one of these. Factors that promote potential patients from different sites and ethnicities across the globe.

It operates according to medical guidelines

Another feature that contributes to the exponential growth of this industry is that doctoral institutions are strictly adhering to international guidelines on clinical practice. The health ministry frequently carries out spontaneous inspections of all medical establishments covered within its grounds, to monitor the quality of care provided, examine doctors’ credibility, and ensure that the environment and equipment is decontaminated according to international decontamination guidelines and sterilization.

Internationally Accredited

Not only are hair transplant clinics accredited by their government and their own health ministry, but the vast majority of clinics are certified by multinational medical associations and hair transplant boards such as the International Joint Commission (JCI) and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (JCI). ISHRS). As a matter of fact, it maintains the highest number of JCI accredited healthcare institutions around the world. Patients are generally drawn to legitimate medical practices and rigid work ethics showing hair transplant clinics.

Trained surgeons

A rapid resumption of this industry and thousands of clients who were pouring in from multi-ethnic ethnicity provided intensive training on the hair transplants for many hair types. The hair implant surgeon has thousands of surgeries, and the result is too qualified and hair transplant surgeons have experience of a very high standard compared to the median overseas.

Continuous progress

As a result of this almost instantaneous growth of the transplant industry of hair, many clinics have emerged over the past decade to meet the growing demand of thousands of patients pouring into this country’s daily restoration of hair. This large number of transplant clinics creates a highly competitive environment in this area, and therefore identifies competition between local hair transplant clinics that encourage them to progress and develop to attract more patients. Hair transplant clinics are continually trying to set aside their counterparts and counterparts by trying to use cutting-edge technological advances in the field, keeping up-to-date with modern methods and techniques, and providing the best thing to do best this medical surgical branch offers.

International patient services

Contributing to their affordable rates and medical practices above the board, hair transplant packages provide service packages, including, more often than not, health tourists from the airport, accommodation, transport, and translation services. These service packages are designed to facilitate the journey of prospective patients and to meet their needs during their stay from home. The greetings and the attention that are warmly welcome at hair transplant clinics are determined by the extent to which thousands of health tourists are looking for this country for hair restoration.


Separately, the above points could make a significant contribution to attracting health tourists. But when combined, the result is a thriving industry where the patients are the biggest winners.  We kept her position as a progressive destination in the field of hair transplant unless with our dedication and commitment was always offering the best. With Affordable prices, high quality, satisfied patients; our hair transplant clinic seems to be working adequately.

Patients should note that the information provided in this guide is an alternative to professional medical examinations. The information is suitable only and is limited to a single hair transplant; patients should refer to your professional doctor for an accurate evaluation.

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