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Help full Quran Memorizing Tips

Before Memorization Tips:

  1. Be Honest And Renew Your Intention.
  2. Seek Allah’s help: when you plan, memorize, review, lose motivation, lack understanding. Turn to him, they are his words and only He can teach you. Never underestimate the power of du’aa in sujood.
  3. Write a list of your friends / family / people who will be part of your project. Either encouraging or memorizing with you.
  4. Say NO often: cancel unnecessary meetings / activities. Reduce the things you are used to, to find more time to get in the mood and start memorizing.

Quran Online Class

  1. Stay away from sins: always repent if you ever feel bad! Remember that Allah is by your side and seeks refuge with Allah from the damn Satan and move on. We are not perfect in the end and a sin will prevent you from continuing only if you insist, remember this!
  2. Find a recitation teacher / Tajweed: He / she will teach you and help you recite the verses correctly and follow you up. Your teacher could be your mom, dad or siblings at home (if they can recite the Quran with Tajweed). And also Join Online Quran Academy
  3. Use a Mus’haf – (Quran): so you can use a pencil to mark words and underline verses. Try to get a Quran of standard size, not too big, that you cannot hold and take it wherever you go, and not too small, which will be difficult to memorize and you will not be able to write that on it.
  4. Know your memorization style: either using sign language, copying in a notebook, raising your voice while reciting, writing the beginning of each verse, walking while memorizing, listening to a reciter and repeating after it. You choose the best technique and, of course, you can use more than one, depending on your mood, time, place, etc.
  5. Establish a flexible plan: it may seem the most difficult part for some people. But if you make all the above points, I am sure that everything else will be easy. A flexible plan means having an A plan and a B plan. It means that you should know your skills and write an action plan that suits you. It will be so easy to say: “I will memorize one page every day after Fajr and another one before sleeping / after‘ Ishaa. ” Print a schedule to track your progress and that’s it!

Tips To Memorize:

  1. Be that early riser: wake up before Fajr time and memorize your required pages. It is advice given by most, if not all, Huffadh of the Holy Quran.
  2. Turn off your devices: to avoid distractions and focus deeply on what you intend to memorize.
  3. Recite, read and repeat (3R, rule): make sure you recite the page correctly with the Tajweed rules, listening to a reciter is really useful. You can also recite the page you want to memorize several times before sleeping and memorize it in the morning. Read the vague verses and the meaning of the words of a Tafeer, so that he understands what he is reciting. Mind maps for chapters of the Quran are also useful (please search them on Google). Knowing the stories of the verses facilitates memorization. Repeat the page / verse again and again until you are done. It is also useful to divide the page into parts according to your theme, and then paste it.
  4. Take a break: a ten minute break is really a good review. Do it often.
  5. Set time goals: have a maximum goal of one hour / half an hour per page according to your ability, and over time, the more you memorize, the easier it will be.

Tips Review:

  1. Try not only to memorize, always remember that the Quran is so easily forgotten, so give yourself time to review the pages you already memorized.
  2. The best way to make sure your memorization is perfect is to recite the page while you are praying. You can do this in Tahajjud.
  3. Be productive in the time you spend in transportation. Review a particular page or listen to the reciter reading it over and over again.
  4. Write your own review strategy when you finish everything, you can start with a group of friends (I really recommend it).

I Humbly ask Allah the Almighty to allow me four things:

  1. To finish reviewing the Quran in any way you like
  2. Have the “Sanad” – Ijaazah, linked to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, (ﷺ – peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). In fact, knowing that the Qur’an in our possession today is identical to what was originally revealed by Allah the Almighty over 1400 years ago is a testament to its miraculous preservation, and having the Sanad linked to the Holy Prophet Muhammad, (ﷺ) is a honor to be part of those who also helped preserve the Holy Quran. Allah says: “In fact, it is we who send the Holy Quran and, in fact, we will be your guardian.” [15: 9]
  3. Apply it in my life as did the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ).
  4. And show it to others, because I think it will make a change in people’s lives if they take it as a guide. And honestly, it’s the best gift I would give to someone I really love, why? Because I do want you to feel the fabulous tranquility of the heart and the meaningful life that I am living through the Learn Quran Online .

May Allah bless you with this great reward and may the light of the Holy Quran always illuminate your path.


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