Add these things to your wardrobe to get the style you want in just a second

Have you ever changed 5-6 pairs of trousers with different shirts and in combination with a few accessories and still it was not ok to enjoy yourself enough and leave your home happy in your skin? Probably every lady has had such moments and this is very likely to happen to you. Especially if the items in your wardrobe are not properly selected. In fact, the idea was never to have many things that give you a wide range of imaginations for combinations. The idea is to have the right ones, though not so many clothes. Here are the ladies’ attributes from ready to wear brands that, if you have one in your wardrobe, you can achieve flawless style in just one second:

Clothing in stripes

Vertical to hide the weight gained in the winter or horizontal for a more attractive look – no big deal – because women’s striped clothes will never go out of style and would always be the motif of that dress that gets you out of the Opa position! I have nothing to wear for this unexpected meeting…! “. On the other hand, striped trousers is no less a stylish idea, especially for the office and business lunch.

Floral print

It would be good to have a flower dress, but even just one tunic to match with a wedge or silk shirt in this motif is quite sufficient. The floral print is feminine and always captivating so you won’t go wrong no matter what the occasion.

Some inscriptions and prints

A shirt with a print and a pair of brand jeans is always a great idea for a casual look. And when you think a frock is too ordinary, just pair it with interesting tights with an original print and you’re ready to go.

The fringed shirts

The time has come to take advantage of the design elements that fashion gives us to look radiant at all times. The potential of your sleeves can be very enriching and thanks to the fringes, you will get absolutely spectacular design pieces. Choose between blue, black and gray to show off your casual look. In addition, thanks to the multicolored details of the fringes, they will combine with everything. What are you waiting for?

As we know that all seasons have their own style and flavor and we can dress according to weather as well as keeping up with our own style. Summer Season Fashion is entirely different from other seasons. Women get a chance to dress well and bring out their creativity. Summer Season is mostly about light fabrics and refreshing colors. Pastel shades and light colors have cool and refreshing effect on us and krosskulture is mainly providing subtle and refreshing colors with smooth transitions. People usually prefer krosskulture summer Collections because of all these features and reasonable prices.

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