All our tips for finding your beach Kaftan

Already worn by the Persians, the caftan traveled to Andalusia during the middle Ages before being anchored in Morocco from the 16th century. This garment designed in noble materials quickly became the preserve of women. A must-have beach accessory today, the caftan rhymes with femininity.

Do you prefer a long or short caftan for the beach? 

Like the tunic, the beach kaftans for women UAE come in two cuts. The long model that goes down to mid-thigh can be worn as a small, fluid and light summer dress. The short caftan can be worn like a poncho over a bikini by the sea. In the city, it is very chic with tight-fitting canvas pants or shorts.

Choose the sophistication of a lace beach kaftan 

This seaside fashion accessory rhymes with sensuality. To suggest her feminine curves without revealing too much, the ideal is to bet on the games of transparency which let guess the silhouette. The bohemian chic-inspired fine lace caftans can be worn freely over the swimsuit. The colors generally range from black for a femme fatal effect to white for an elegant outfit with a macramé style.

Dare the plus size beach caftan 

Chic clothing to embellish a beach outfit, the caftan is suitable for all body types. More than an ornamental dress, with its puffy and airy effect, it offers real comfort. This reassuring set with long or short sleeves sublimates generous curves. The creators of swimwear have imagined models in all sizes. The brand Hola Amor is offering women large beach caftans in a wide choice of design, cuts and colors.

Our tips for matching the color of your beach kaftan to your skin tone 

Like the beach dress for the summer, the caftan highlights the female body. It’s up to everyone to choose the product that will best enhance their tan. For women with fair skin, pastel colors like almond green or powder pink are very chic. It is possible to play the contrast card with bright shades such as fancy candy pink. The solid color is perfect, as is the delicate floral print or the polka dots. Better to avoid variations of whites too close to the natural skin tone or nude colors which could give a pale complexion.

Pink skin will be highlighted by vintage brass or old pink shades. For a more casual look, dare to use retro patterns such as asymmetrical stripes or geometric Art Deco patterns. To enhance dark skin, khaki or ocher stands out as natural colors. Bright colors such as papaya orange, fuchsia or turquoise blue will bring real dynamism. The caftan with modern prints with tropical inspirations or abstract patterns is very trendy. And the classic design of the striped sweater remains a timeless beachwear fashion. For more details, please visit:


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