Blue: the desired color in kurti’s

Klein, baby, indigo, indigo … the colors of the sea will cover the looks of day or night of spring-summer 2019. We give you all your keys!

This spring-summer 2019 is full of color. The blue expands in a multitude of tones to dominate the new station in Pakistani kurta. Luminous, strong and capable of acquiring different attitudes according to the type of look, do not hesitate and bet on the infallible king of the street. The catwalk has surrendered to the blue tones to make us swim in a sea of ​​options. From the most intense to the warmest, none is missing and all have become fashionable trends of the season. Shirts, dresses, pants … all have succumbed to them.

It is the best choice for daytime outfits as it provides a refreshing and relaxed touch. It turns the garments into a subtle romanticism while softening and softening the looks obtaining a surprising result.

If this spring-summer season you have a wedding or a special event do not hesitate to go through krosskulture to create a perfect look. Surrender to the wonderful blue tones of our dresses, you have a great variety to choose from. Long dresses and short kurta’s . The short kurta dresses of krosskulture are perfect to wear during the day.

The color blue often dominates the world around us. Even Nature upholds its value through the sky and the oceans. Ever wonder why? Surveys have found blue to have a calming, peaceful effect on people. In fact, blue symbolizes certain meanings globally. It is no wonder then that it has been found to be the no.1 favorite color in the world and blue jeans are worn all over. Fashion consultants especially recommend wearing blue to job interviews as it denotes trust, loyalty and confidence. With the latest trending kurtis in high demand, a blue kurti is definitely the way to go. An added benefit is that these will never go out of fashion! So you own the must-have blue kurtis this season.

The light and bright shade is a soothing one for summers. You can feel the splash of energy running down inside you. So, if you have saved some cozy sky blue Kurti try this summer for refreshing look.

Pick a long kurta style with rich detailing, a high neck and an A-line cut with accessories to match. If your neck is heavy on adornment, keep the jewellery to a minimum with just statement earrings. A cool pair of shades for a day out is all you would need.

If traditional clothing doesn’t really excite you, or if you’re simply looking to mix it up a little for a work meeting then this look’s got you covered. Just pair your long shirt style kurtis with skinny denims and you’ll be totally dressed for the part.

Next to krossulture’s store you can see how summer trends will bring a lot to match your wardrobe. Check the catalog of their low cost women’s clothing store here. 2019 will start on a very good foot thanks to some of their clothes.

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