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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is an online strategy, a marketing promotion of products and services through many online channels such as SEO, PPC, SMM and Google Adwords to reach potential customers. The main focus is brand awareness, increase Internet traffic, reach the target audience and increase sales or subscriptions through various digital channels.
This practice promotes your brand or services and its content in social media channels to increase brand awareness, increase traffic and generate customers for your company.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing the online presence of a site in search engine result pages (SERPs). In other words, SEO generates traffic to our site using organic search results. We offer practical SEO training with expert trainers.
SEO is one of the most powerful tools to generate web traffic that helps the company generate new customers. Search engine optimization (SEO) involves several techniques, such as website planning, business analysis, keyword research, page optimization, link building, and report management. In our SEO training, we allow you to master all the concepts and make you can do SEO projects live.

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SEO Online Training

DML is one of the best online SEO training institutes, which offers online training. We offer a complete training for SEO with Live Practical Projects. We update our curriculum with the latest updates in search engines. Each topic of the search engines.
It will be analyzed in detail with a practical example of implementation to ensure that each student can easily understand the subject.

Advanced SEO Online Training

SEO Training Course Content

Understanding Website Design & Architecture
  • Decoding the Present Website
  • Understanding the web positions
  • Identifying the Issues Present in the website
Buying Domain and Hosting the Domain
  • How to buy a Domain
  • Guidelines and checklist before starting a business or buying a domain
  • How to Host a Site
  • Practically hosting site in the class
WordPress Blog Design And installation
  • WordPress Website Creation
  • Blog creation
  • Menu bar creation
  • Plugins
  • Widgets
SEO (Search Engine Optimization Course) Introduction
  • What is Search Engine Optimization?
  • History of Search engines?
  • How is SEO important in digital marketing?
  • How is search engine Optimization (SEO) important for companies?
  • How can search engines impact the brand and sales of a company?
  • How does search engine algorithm work?
  • Components of search engines?
  • Different types of search engines?
  • Operators used in SEO
  • Algorithms in SEO
  • Updates of SEO
Google Webmaster Tool ( Search Console )
  • Adding a Site and Verification Process
  • Configuration
  • Settings
  • Geographic Settings
  • URL Parameters
  • Site Links
  • Crawl Errors / Stats
  • Google Fetch
  • Blocking the Crawler and blocked pages
  • Traffic
  • Search Analytics
  • Links to Site / Internal Links
  • Optimization
  • Sitemaps
  • Remove URLS from index
  • HTML Suggestions
  • Content Keywords
Keyword Research And Analysis
  • Importance of keywords in SEO
  • Analysis of keywords for a particular company
  • Research on keywords
  • Different types of keywords
  • Analysis of keywords using google adwords
  • Competitor analysis
  • Fitting right keywords to the project
Business Analysis
  • Understanding the Business
  • Understanding the Business Pages
On Page Optimization
  • How is on page optimization important in SEO
  • Web layout structure
  • Codes used in website
  • Design factors and guidelines
  • Differences between dynamic and static sites?
  • Domain name optimization
  • File name and folder name and URL optimization
  • Title tag optimization
  • Meta tags optimization
  • How to write meta description
  • Meta robots
  • Header optimization
  • Footer optimization
  • Anchor link optimization
  • Content writing for SEO
  • Site maps submission
  • Image optimization
  • URL optimization
  • txt
  • Dynamic site optimization techniques:
  • WordPress SEO
Off Page Optimization
  • Introduction to off page optimization
  • Factors affecting offsite optimization
  • Importance of offsite optimization
  • Current scenario of search engine optimization
  • On page optimization versus off page optimization
  • How to build links?
  • Type of linking methods
  • Link checking tools
  • Directory submissions
  • Social book marking in SEO
  • Posting classifieds
  • Importance of integration of blog to gain SEO
  • Local listing
  • Importance of social buttons and social media in SEO
  • Press release submission in seo
Black Hat SEO Techniques
  • Hidden Content
  • Clocking
  • Keyword Stuffing
  • Doorway pages
  • Sneaky Redirects
SEO Diagnosis & Report Generation
  • SEO Reporting Tools
  • SEO Diagnosis Chart
  • SEO proposal to the Clients
  • SEO Report card generation
  • SEO Review
SEO Implementation On Live Project
  • Designing the SEO Strategy
  • Understanding the Business Pages
  • Understanding the Competitors
  • Implementing SEO
  • Generating SEO Reports

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