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At first glance, it may be excellent that only 1/4 of the design issues created confusion. For the vast majority of website design decisions, there is a convention or standard, which means that people are likely to know how to use the site when these conventions or standards are followed.

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But see the design element samples at each standardized level. Unfortunately, the most standardized questions are the simplest and most local, for example where to put the logo or show bread trails.The confusing design elements are the more issues that greatly enhance the ability of users to master the entire site, rather than dealing with individual pages. Navigation is confusing. There is confusion about searching. There is confusion. Even Help is confusing, which reduces the user’s last option when everything else failed.

Why Design Standards help users

We must eliminate confusing design elements and move as far as possible into the field of design conventions. Even better, we should establish design standards for all important tasks on the website.

  • Ensures standards are users
  • know what features to be expected,
  • know how these features will appear in the interface,
  • Distinguish where to find these features on the site and on the page,
  • know how to work in all aspects to achieve their goal,
  • it is not necessary to weigh the meaning of anonymous design elements,
  • don’t miss important features because they ignore a non-standard design feature, and
  • don’t be surprised when something doesn’t work as expected.
  • These benefits increase the mastery of users on the website, increase their ability to do things, and increase their overall satisfaction with the experience.

Why websites should conform to design standards

One simple reason: Internet Law Jakob User Experience: users spend most of their time on other websites.

When visiting these other sites, people become familiar with the prevailing design standards and conventions. So, when users come to your site, they accept that it will work in the same way as other sites.n our recent research on user behavior across the Web, website users left on average 1 minute and 49 seconds, ending at the time that the website did not meet their needs.With little time to convince prospects that you are worthwhile for their business, you should not waste even in the second time, which means they are struggling with a real user interface.

Going forward, we have widely used conventions and design patterns to produce and follow the major issues in Web design, including:

  • product page structure,
  • workflow (over simplistic shopping carts),
  • The key types of information a corporate site should provide

It is not possible to standardize everything, but there is a greater commonality of user behavior across the sites than you think. For example, research with individual investors and financial analysts resulted in three recommended information architecture for information on the company’s investor relations. Three different IAs may not be similar to much of a standard. However, these three IAs are very similar and they follow a basic model because investors do the same things much when they visit various IR companies sites. It should also be possible to obtain high-level design patterns for other areas. Such patterns need to maintain adequate flexibility and give users a sense of consistency and mastery in the most important things.

Intranet standards

One area is design standards where the inland areas are better than public websites. Since there are so many other ways of suffering your centers, they would like to take advantage of this unique opportunity.A key distinction between an intranet and the Internet is that the intranet is headed by a single authority. The intranet team can define design standards and promote it throughout the corporation. The team can implement a single publishing system that ensures consistency by inserting all content into one set of design templates.

Yes, I am simplifying courses when I say that the intranet team can do this. In most companies, a political battle has yet to be fought before the intranet team can get a mandate to truly control the intranet and make it an employee productivity tool. However, most of the places we have studied have certain design standards in place.Whether you are running an intranet or website, one thing is clear: the more you adhere to design conventions and if they give users what they want, the more success you will have. It is important, of course, to distinguish between your content, your services and your products, but in the interface with this subject, your best strategy is to follow everyone else.

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