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With that in mind, my team and I are looking at the possibilities of AMP for e-commerce sites and Google Ads. It is currently possible – although it is not widespread – AMP content is served through Google text ads, where they are loaded on Chrome devices and on Android. To do this, simply enter the AMP URL of the landing page as the mobile URL of the notifications.

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In addition to the news carousels, AMP pages are also eligible for the AMP lightning bolt icon to replace the usual URL in mobile search results.I am still not sure how much this will be a fully accepted standard, but it is now clear that the speed of the site is essential if you are to see good results in both the organic and paid ways. How fast is achieved is not as important as it is being achieved in the first place, as we look further ahead.

Speed ​​settings

While the speed of AMP content is controlled by Google, there is no reason why you cannot achieve a quick website through your own actions. Your server architecture, site building and caching can be set up in a way that allows your site to quickly locate all devices.If your site is slow, you lose both organic visibility and restoration. Speed ​​is a classification factor in its own right, but slow positions will be difficult for users to keep at all times.

There are many different ways in which you can optimize the speed of the site. We can look at some of them by breaking the page loading process into four general (simplified) sections (based on this breakdown):

  • Application, where websites are requested from the server.
  • Answer, when the server brings the files together to create a web page.
  • Take, when the browser turns the data from the server to HTML and CSS DOM (document object model).
  • Repeat, when the browser puts resources from other sources, such as a style sheet or JavaScript file.

There are ways to optimize the speed of each step. Once all the steps are optimized, your site will be much faster than there might be.

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Application – using CDN and fewer files

The CDNs sit between the server and the browser to bring assets such as images, CSS and JavaScript closer to the user. In some cases, you may even place a full site on a CDN. Amazon Cloudfront is the best material delivery network for me; This solution cuts user requested time from any location.

In addition, I recommend exploring the requested files on each page of your site. Many themes and scripts will attempt to load large files in the background of each page on your site, even if those files are not required for that page. Cutting out these unnecessary applications reduces load time.

Reply – caching and HTTP / 2

Most dynamic and managed content websites are made up of content in a database, style templates and some software package that could be drawn together. To prevent the server from bringing site content together for each user, we can lodge it to store a prefabricated version of the site.Caching can be implemented within the CMS of the site, but server side caching can also be used to store more powerful configurations at server level. Coaching and CDNs also meet well, as you can deposit full pages on a CDN to handle the application before it meets the server.

You can use the latest server technology, like HTTP / 2, to expedite the process. HTTP / 2 allows streaming of data, which means that the server handles multiple applications from the browser at the same time, rather than dealing with them one after the other.The main take-away from this section is to avoid free, shared or ‘without frills’ hosting. These options may be attractive but the lower price will cost you valuable speed and performance, which will result in you losing more money in the long run. For more information, see this blog post performance.

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