Difference between CIMA and ACCA.


The accounting professional qualification has become very important because of the complexity of the business structures and the ever increasing demands of the industry. In a growing financial market, professional accountants are not only required to deal with business taxation or accounting, but they must also be highly qualified financial experts. That’s why accounting organizations around the world are constantly striving to keep abreast of recent developments and changes in the world of finance and accounting. More and more career opportunities are now available to accountants who hold a professional certificate because they are competent and have a better knowledge of the profession. Individuals, who want to start their professional career in accounting, have so many options available to them. Two of the most discussed study options are ACCA and CIMA. New graduates and professionals are usually faced with a problem of choice between these two recognized professional certifications. They do not know the difference between these accounting qualifications. As a result, some of the differences are discussed below so that graduates and professionals can better understand what these certifications offer and which of the two qualifications they should choose. But before discussing the difference, it’s important to know what ACCA and CIMA are. These are the differences between CA and ACCA.For details:www.pac.edu.pk

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