Digital marketing training in Lahore

Digital marketing: The various powerful levers

Digital marketing training in Lahore

All digital activities aimed at promoting a website and more generally any service or product on the network is referred to as digital marketing.

Several techniques and know-how are hidden behind this expression. We will detail the tools and methods to gain visibility to a site, service or product. These different implementations are called levers and have for the most part English names or acronyms.

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“Prerequisites” to digital marketing

Digital marketing aims to promote a service or product, which may or may not be a website. It is interesting to note from the beginning of this presentation that today digital marketing can aim to make a product or a service more visible without the creation of a single website. Social networks and aggregates, such as Google Shopping, Amazon, Fnac or even classified sites, make it possible to quickly create a product page. In this case, e-marketing can then focus on gaining visibility of a listing. This approach, although in development, is still marginal because the website is, and will undoubtedly remain for a long time, the support par excellence to control its communication. This work on “cards” can, however, be very effective for companies with a limited budget. The most striking example is the optimization of a Google Address book of a business or craftsman.

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Knowledge of the product and competition

Before starting a digital marketing campaign, it is essential to put in black and white the keywords related to its activity and also the objectives to achieve or at least to which to dye. No serious professional can guarantee for example to position a page of a website in the first position on a query made on Google. Similarly, no company has partnered with Google to promote SEO!

When you want to collaborate with a digital marketing professional, the first step must always be an exchange where a series of keywords and ideas related to the product to be promoted will emerge. Map software ideas, mind map in English, are perfect to perform this first work to define concretely what the goals to achieve are.

Keywords and phrases related to a website or product are essential in web marketing. They allow for example to determine a content publication strategy for a website or themes to address on social networks.

In addition, these keywords can serve as a basis for research on competition. If there is obviously no question of spying on other companies, it is very important to know the means implemented and the visibility gained by the competition. This analysis makes it possible to determine the budget of a project and also and above all its feasibility. In addition, a pre-study of this kind avoids underestimating or overestimating the competitors so as not to do enough or to do too much.

Tools such as SEMrush, Yooda Insight, and Google Keyword Ad planner provide a list of keywords related to an expression related to its activity. In addition, these tools also provide search volumes for keywords and for some the level of competition.

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