Why You Should Always Carry A Knife

Whether you’re an avid outdoor enthusiast or spend your free time in the water, you probably know the importance of carrying a good knife. Unfortunately, many less experienced nature lovers dismiss the importance of including a knife in their outdoor equipment. At best.buy.damascus1, we believe that a high-quality knife is an absolute necessity for everyone, from outdoor enthusiasts to bike messengers. Here are some reasons why you should consider bringing a knife with you.

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Emergency situations

If you ever suffer a car accident, you may find yourself trapped in the seatbelt. Even minor collisions can interfere with the safety belt, preventing you from getting out of the car. If it is not damaged, you can free yourself with a good knife instead of waiting for help. Likewise, a good folding knife, like our handmade damascus folding knives, can work like a window hit if you need to escape through a stuck car window.

Cutting material

If your employer forbids pocket knives, leave yours at home. But if you’re in the service industry, a knife can help you make your job easier. From opening boxes to cutting tape, a good knife will keep its edge longer than a box cutter and can cut more effectively and safely.


If you ever brought your lunch but you forgot to carry silverware, you know there’s nothing so frustrating. However, a knife is really the only utensil you need.

At best.buy.damascus1, we believe that everyone should have the perfect knife. Our Custom Damascus Folding knives are the perfect tool for sailors and city dwellers alike. The folding blade makes it safe to carry in your pocket, while the easy-to-open hinge makes it easy to use in emergency situations. Order your knife today!

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