AWS solutions architect certification

Does it help managers to do AWS Course?

Does it help managers to do AWS certification?

Let me explain now. In a world that is migrating to cloud technologies where software is built mainly with “frameworks” like AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, is key for management to understand why these platforms are changing the way developers are building software and how time-to-market changes building software following the best practices.

For C-level executives this is key to understand how building new businesses and products is changing in a world that uses Amazon Web Services.

AWS Training

I am daily involved in conversations with C-level executives and VPs that are evaluating or implementing a migration to the cloud and among their needs there is also training for the executive team.

Last but not least, if you are working with engineers and technical leaders, it is key for you to understand AWS and other cloud platforms to interact with them and lead them. For instance, I believe that AWS solutions architect certification is a great certification also for technical managers as it gives you a complete understanding of AWS Course in terms of number of services and model used by AWS Training.

At Cloud Academy we have recently published a free course on What’s Cloud Computing (you just need to signup, no payment or other things required at all) that is targeted to a non-technical and management oriented audience. It’s probably worth your time if you want to understand more about Cloud and why you should get a certification with leaders like Amazon Web Services. Some of the lessons inside this AWS Course are specific for managers.


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