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Best Tips For Packing and Moving Fragile Furniture Items!

Cheap Furniture Removalists Melbourne

A moving day could be an exciting, exhausting and stressful experience for anyone. But this can also bring few surprises that no one wants to live in during a move due to damage or loss of delicate furniture. Unlike sturdy patio furniture, various delicate antiques, art objects, precious woods and objects can not be loaded directly onto a van or truck; Better not to start the packaging process yourself without any professional expertise. Instead, you can take a smart step by seeking the professional help of a reliable business of conditioners and movers in Adelaide, like Cheap House Movers Melbourne . They plan properly and use the proper tools to avoid damage or loss of delicate moving objects.

Cheap Furniture Removalists Melbourne
Cheap Furniture Removalists Melbourne
To make the process of packing and moving of your fragile furniture items more convenient and stress-free, here, we are sharing some easy tips for you for a safe move:


Plan beforehand:

It is always best to plan in advance the packaging of fragile valuables such as porcelain, crystals and other fragile items, to avoid the rush of the day. Start packing well in advance and take enough time to properly pack all the delicate furniture.

Utilize the right tools: Use high quality boxes and supplies, including wrapping paper, cardboard, bubble wrap, scissors and ribbons. Also take the help of a large table to facilitate packing work.

Packing tips for few important fragile items

Cheap Furniture Removalists Melbourne
Cheap Furniture Removalists Melbourne

Crockery Items:

Delicate dinner plates should be wrapped and placed vertically in small boxes lined with paper. Each plate should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and properly secured with tape. Secure the backing plates to place the wrapping paper in between. Avoid packing too much. Likewise, wrap each glass of wrapping paper and secure it by placing the crumpled paper inside to fill the empty space. Use enough wrapping paper to fill the remaining space inside small or medium boxes. Always keep larger and heavier items down, with smaller and lighter items at the top.

Tubes or Lamps:

Dismantle the lampshades or tubes, then place them in a perfect size box with a lot of paper. A base of the lamp should be placed in a box and use bubble wrap if necessary.

Other electrical goods:

Start by dismantling any major electrical appliance to avoid any risk of damage. Wrap cables, wire, remotes and chargers in a box labeled to prevent loss during the move.

Photo or Picture Frames:

Wrap the photo frames in paper and place them in a paper-lined wrapping box in a standing position if the length is greater than 8 inches. Add crumpled paper between each frame. Place extra wrapping paper on top of the frames to make sure the frames do not move in the packing box.

Once all the packaging work is finished, do not forget the labeling of each box so that your Moving Company Melbourne knows which box contains what type of fragile items.

If you are unsure about your packaging skills, do not hesitate to contact us for the best professional help at a great price. Cheap Furniture Removalists Melbourne is one of the renowned furniture moving companies that has many years of professional expertise in packaging and moving fragile furniture safely and hassle free.

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