5 Simple and practical ways to extend the life of your laptop

Good care of your laptop is the number one factor to extend the life of the laptop. Instead of giving you hundreds of methods, I’ll bring it down in 5 simple and practical ways.

Using on a Flat Hard Surface:

The notebook is a very compact computer where the chassis has minimal space for heat release. Most of the time the heated air is airborne from the side and bottom of the laptop. When placing a laptop over a flat solid surface, the heated air travels easily from the bottom of the notebook. Some of us love to work from the bed, which is actually a bad idea. Bed cover is usually made of wool and cotton base material, which caused the heating of air under the trap under the laptop and caused serious overheating.

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Use a Bag to Store your Laptop:

Using a laptop badly is a must, especially for frequent travelers. The notebook bag has a pillow and upholstery, which helps absorb blows and scratches from the outside. With a good quality notebook bag, it is made of waterproof material, which will help protect your laptop in case you find yourself in the rain. In the worst case, seriously, if you accidentally threw your laptop, a notebook bag will reduce the impact of the fall and protect the laptop from breaking.

Turn off if you do not use it:

Unlike PCs, the laptop is not created for a long time. From the PC, we can leave the car for a week to upload the video, but the laptop is another case. Overheating is the biggest problem in all laptops. Therefore, when the laptop is not in use, turn it off. Another alternative is to use the laptop battery circuitry. For example, after the X period of inactivity, the notebook will turn off the hard drive. After the X + Y period of inactivity, the notebook enters standby / sleep mode.

No Food and Drink:

Avoid eating or drinking near a laptop. The crumb of food can slip through the keyboard directly to the components inside the laptop. A dirty notebook will attract errors to create a nest inside your laptop. In the case of a spill, it can cause serious damage to all components inside the notebook. This is due to the fact that the liquid can be locked on the motherboard, hard disk and processor. As a result, you may experience a loss of data and permanent failures for the main components. 

Use a Laptop Cooler:

A laptop cooler is a flat device with a fan inside the device that helps cool the notebook. The laptop cooler is placed directly under the laptop and powered by a USB port. A laptop cooler is an inexpensive device and a good solution that can help overcome the problem. Another advantage is that a notebook cooler can be used to create a flat solid surface for your laptop if you are working on a soft surface like a bed.

You will get 5 simple and practical ways to protect and continue your laptop. Not to mention a cool laptop will work faster than a hot laptop.

Cooling Pads are Needed for each Laptop

A laptop cooler is one of the sensational gadgets for laptops in the modern world. When people see a cooling pad for laptops, they are not entirely sure what purpose it is used for. They believe this is one of the gadgets for laptops that are used as USB. This lining is actually a laptop cooling that is used to make sure that the laptop does not overheat when it is heavy to use. Excessive heat generated in a laptop can easily damage its vital parts, reducing its lifetime. With a laptop cooler, you can work for several hours or days without worrying about your laptop gadgets associated with its heating.

The cooling pad for the laptop usually consists of a fan in the middle that blows the air into the sides and with the help of not slipping the rubber that is in it gives cold air to the laptop. In addition, they can be plugged in or locked onto a laptop, like any other laptop gadgets that will help keep it in the laptop to prevent it from slipping from the tables by accident, especially if there are children at home.

Typically, for a laptop, there are two types of cooling pads that can be classified into fans that are used and those that do not use fans. These pads that use fans to cool the computer can have two to three fans, even four fans in some cases. They are made of either aluminum, or plastic, or a combination of them. Those that are not used for cooling fans are made of plastic and special material, which tends to withstand heat and provide cooling for the inside of the laptop. From the outside of the laptop’s cooling box, you do not really know what type they are, since they all look like one of the high-tech gadgets from the outside.

A cooling unit that uses cooling fans usually requires electrical connections or batteries. Most of these pads can be connected to the USB port of the laptop, as well as any other gadgets for laptops. The best cooler for a laptop as a whole is one that does not use fans. They are designed in such a way that they do not require any power supply and can easily distribute the warmth that the laptop is heating up. They are made in such a way that the laptop is placed at an elevated angle. They are as flexible as all of the latest gadgets for laptops, and they can be adjusted in ways that require comfort.

As a cooling pad for a laptop preventing the laptop from being heated, the life of the laptop as well as all gadgets increases. They prevent the laptop from splitting often due to the fact that the heat is discharged properly. These pads that look like any other sleek hi-tech gadget laptop are very nominal in price that make them worth the go.

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