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AWS solutions architect certification

As an early passer of the AWS official certification, the author has obtained AWS assistant-level solution architect, developer certification, and system administrator certification. In recent years, it has also guided many people in the company to pass AWS Training. This article will share how to easily pass the aws solutions architect certification developer and system administrator certification through self-study.

Why should I study?

Before we talk about the AWS certification system, we can first discuss why we should obtain such certification. According to the research person I contacted, the reasons for the research are summarized as follows:

aws course

The company or department requires employee verification. Now more and more traditional organizations and enterprises embrace the public cloud. According to statistics, nearly 60% of domestic websites are currently running.

While embracing cloud computing, IT organization personnel in these enterprises need to master cloud computing related knowledge and skills.

Obtaining certification may become a requirement for some employees of companies and departments. In addition, cloud computing is a big market. In addition to the major cloud computing vendors, they have many partners. AWS is no exception.

To become an AWS partner, there are certain requirements for the number of people who obtain certification within the company. This has also prompted these partners to ask employees for verification.

AWS Certification System

AWS Training has a roadmap, which is mainly divided into three lines: Architecting, Development, and Operations. Each line is divided into assistant-level certification and expert-level certification. You must pass the assistant-level certification to obtain the corresponding expert-level certification.

The two certifications for this line are aws solutions architect certification and Expert Solution Architect Certification. The two certifications that developed this line are Developer Certification and DevOps Engineer Certification. The two certifications for this line of operation and maintenance are SysOps system administrator certification and DevOps engineer certification. That is to say, the expert certification of the two lines of development and operation and maintenance is the same certificate.

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