Hair Transplantation in Men

Hair loss occurs in more than 60% of men and about 10% of women. While a lack of hair shield can increase the risk of actuarial damage and skin cancer, conditions are the male and female pattern baldness which, with a few exceptions, is treated electrically.

The collection is of great concern to many people, and the treatment of treating hair treatment hair transplant in Lahore is the most common cosmetic surgical procedure performed on men today. However, the market for hair transplant is less than a huge market for products that wear hair loss without surgery. These products have no proven efficacy, including shampoos, hair care cosmetics, scalp massager’s, laser combs, and many more, rather than their ability to temporarily increase the existing hair, making it look like closer than before. The exceptions are the two medicines approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA): minoxidil (Rogaine, available over the counter) and finasteride (Propecia, available on prescription only for men), with limited but certain benefits.

Interest in hair planting is likely to increase as a knowledge that most new hair transplant techniques can create unpredictable and extended spread, as shown below. Until today, the hair transplant is the medical treatment for most patients with hair loss.

One of the fastest growing parts of a hair transplant is hair transplantation in women. Surgical hair restoration was developed for men and traditionally used. Newer techniques are adaptable to women.

Hair transplantation is used to treat different types of permanent alopecia stages with men and women. Concrete hair follicles can be removed within a patient’s safe scalp donor area through follicular unit strip surgery (FUSS) or follicular unit extraction (FUE); each method of harvesting has particular advantages and disadvantages. The refinement of follicular unit transplantation in the last decade has resulted in a marked improvement in the survival of hair and natural fruits.

Some of them say, “A bad hair day is better than a day without hair.” For millions of people, hair loss is a major problem associated with loss of self-esteem, insecurity and even depression. Hair loss can go from an early thinning or hair retreat to hair loss completely on the upper and upper sides of the head.

There are about 100,000 hairs in one full of hair. (People with red hair or hair are slightly larger.) The loss of up to 30% of the number present during the mid-adolescent peak is part of the normal aging process. To be thinned to be cost-effective, at least 50% of hairs must have fallen in a particular area. Percentage loss varies less than that and cosmetic loss of hair. In addition to the number of hairs lost, the process of hair loss causes thin cause, thereby contributing to hair loss.

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