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Unlike some kitchen tasks, cutting, cutting, slicing and dicing are mainly done manually. Although many of us have modernized our kitchens with high-tech toasters, smoothie machines and slow cooks, perhaps the most ancient device, the knife, is still there.

“Every day you choose it and use it to create and transform it. Eight inches of a fatal metal, a ‘arms-grade’ metal located on a kitchen table, has the same potential as for mayhem as a loaded handgun – and yet it is mostly used to express your love for your family by making tea.”

Unlike other tools, knives require time and effort (to master techniques), and love and care (to ensure that they remain in the best condition for years). Perhaps it is not surprising that they encourage the following cult.

The most important knife is the all-purpose chef, multi-purpose, tight, which is eight inches, which is about eight inches. While manufacturers set aside expensive knife sets, all the experts I spoke to suggest that they would be sorry (sorry) on a good chef knife. The knives you need also include a carving knife, a strolling knife and a bread knife. However, you do not have the different joints of the same blade that you get with a set.

The cooker’s knife – or cooker knife – can be used for cutting anything from onions, cutting herbs and crushing garlic to decorating meat. The main style we use today is developed from the French and German traditions, although Japanese knives are very popular – with a thinner blade and a curved spine.

Our testing focused on Damascus steel knives in the Western style, and a number of Japanese options were introduced. We asked experts including chefs, manufacturers and enthusiasts; and then reviewed the options within a price range of around $30- $150. While it is difficult to confirm durability from a couple of weeks’ testing (all knives need to be looked after to be functional, more). more recently, we reviewed them in relation to: weight, comfort of handling, balance, aesthetics, ease of use and others. An acute course is of paramount importance, but all the knives we have tested come extremely sharp; they will have good treatment wearing them well.

This is our choice of the best knives available for purchase, including Damascus, Western and Japanese styles.

Since 1814, Damascus1  is making knives in Solingen, “City of Blades”, and their blades are made precisely by people like Tim Hayward.

Although it was quite difficult to choose a winner in a high quality field, this knife stood for me. The main reasons are sturdiness and balance – it felt directly in my hand. When the bolster holds it (the lump in the middle, between the blade and the handle), the blade and the overweight handle, the flat knife signal, did not feel.

I like the very classic Germanic look, a full tang and the three visible sightings. The blade is bending up at the end, making certain tasks easier, especially to relieve herbs. The handle, although it is not rounded, is extremely smooth, so none of the edges are digging into the palm. And the bolt is nicely curved to adjust the center below, with the thumb comfortably placed on the blade.

The Damascus1 felt heavier in the hand than others tried me, but not too good. This gave him a strong sense of confidence and increased confidence in cutting and relieving vegetables and meat, which is perfect for this knife. The blade, which is rated Rockwell of 56, and is strong enough to crush garlic cloves without fear of success. (Rockwell test measures the hardness of the steel, 53 is as low as it gets for knives, and is soft, relatively spoken; 64 is the upper one, and it is difficult but brittle).

Overall, it was a high quality Damascus knife that I felt encouraged me to hold it in the right way, because of the position and smoothness of the prophet and heels, and gave me a chance to copy, cut, cut and dissolve my way. to a more enjoyable kitchen experience.

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