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How to Use a Sharpening Stone?

Santoku Knife

If you have invested in a good quality Japanese Kitchen Knives, the best way to keep its edge sharp is to use a sharpening stone, also known as a sharpening stone. At first, this outdated tool may seem intimidating compared to a slotted knife sharpener. However, we believe that with …

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Damascus Handmade Steel Knives – Fixed Blade Knife

Serrated knives can be difficult to sharpen with a stone due to the shape of the knife, and the most common sharpeners, both manual and electric, will even damage your serrated Damascus Handmade Steel Knives when used with them. However, there are certain knife sharpeners that are suitable for serrated …

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Handle and Handle of the Knife

Another important aspect, especially if you want to be a Bush craft practitioner, or if you are a knife user when you are in nature, is the type of material and the shape of the handle. Choosing the best¬†Damascus steel hunting knives for a campsite with an insufficient handle can …

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Damascus steel knives | Tips to Choose a Kitchen Knife

Unlike some kitchen tasks, cutting, cutting, slicing and dicing are mainly done manually. Although many of us have modernized our kitchens with high-tech toasters, smoothie machines and slow cooks, perhaps the most ancient device, the knife, is still there. “Every day you choose it and use it to create and …

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Best Handmade Chefs, Kitchen Steel Knives to Give as a Gift

What do you get from the chef who has everything? Most chefs are passionate about owning the best kitchen knives and it can be some sort of bragging in the kitchen with fellow chefs, so why not give them the best kitchen knives that money can buy. So many different …

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