How to dress after 60? 8 tips and the top pieces to have

With age everything changes: hair turns gray and whitens, the body settles down and loses its tone. How do you continue to dress to stay in the game without losing comfort? We tell you everything.

“Life begins at 60”: it’s a bit like Tino Rossi’s hit. At a time when the life expectancy of women exceeds 85 years in major countries of world, who still wants to look like a granny that you see in children’s story books? Neither you nor us! Today, the retirement age no longer marks the age of old age.

Fashion 60 years and over: forget the diktat of trends

Running after the latest trends? In retirement, it is high time to take a break: stop racing against time and excessive consumption.

Following the calendar of trends and seasons is to take the risk of aging twice as fast. You can include ready to wear women clothing in your clothing. Honestly, who at 60 still wants to do this to themselves? Fashion says millennial pink? Then ultra-violet? Before betting on the return of the fanny pack? Faced with this avalanche of must-have to have, we calm down and think twice before giving in to the slightest temptation.

Fashion 60 years and over: knowing how to identify in the blink of an eye what suits us … and spot what no longer suits us!

What colors to wear when you have white hair? You will have to review your alphabet of colors that highlight to identify which ones are now in your favor the most. Example: if you were a brunette with blue eyes and you liked pastel shades, say “bye, bye” to them. From now on, nothing better than warm, bold colors: black, navy, coral, plum and even ultra-violet!

For the skirts, if you haven’t already, give up the minis once and for all. Not that it’s vulgar, but admit that the wrinkled skin all around the knees – or the excess skin if you’ve rounded up – isn’t the prettiest thing, right? So we go for the pencil skirt and knee length to hide the problem.

The long skirt? Of course you can too! Only downside: the mid-calf length, which can already turn granny on a young girl. So, you might as well not run the risk of “memorizing” yourself unnecessarily.

In general, we forget the overly playful fantasies (the tops with message, the fanny pack), the romantic details (the white lace, the too many ruffles) and we fall back on morphological cuts and chic materials.

Fashion 60 years and over: lightening your closet

Have you ever thought about all those parts and accessories accumulated over the years that you kept “just in case” … and ended up completely forgetting? If you are lucky enough to be already retired, don’t waste time and take a day to sort through your closet and empty everything you’ve accumulated since you turned 20.

But before throwing everything away, ask yourself the right questions: that 1980s polka-dot dress you still fit in, why not keep it? Peas are timeless. That sailor sweater bought by the sea? The same! And that faux fur jacket that you bought out of whack around the same time, wouldn’t it fit your daughter / daughter-in-law / niece? Lightening up your closet is an opportunity to do a good deed, make people happy and save some forgotten pearls.

Fashion 60 years and over: adopt jeans in all its forms

The pioneers of the American West already wore it. Hard-wearing, it is a material that stands the test of time. With jeans, it’s like you’re still 20 years old. Nothing is better than a piece of jeans to rejuvenate your look. But at 60 and dust, take care of the quality of your jeans.

The slim that compresses and the low waists, that’s niet. Instead, opt for high-waist jeans that support the stomach or ultra-comfortable mom jeans that blur saddlebags. Do not deprive yourself of slightly stretchy materials to gain ease and keep it simple when it comes to washing. Nothing is classier than raw jeans.

If you don’t like wearing jeans, try the denim or lyocell shirt: the formal side of the shirt paired with the cool side of the jeans is the key to modernizing your look. With black pants or a little skirt, it works very well.

Last option: the shirt dress, as easy to wear with sneakers as with chic shoes.


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