Caesarean birth: how is it going?

Whether scheduled or performed on an emergency basis, a cesarean section is a means of giving birth to best preserve the health of the mother or child.

What is a caesarean?

It is a surgical procedure aimed at extracting the baby from the mother’s womb by incising the uterus with the help of delivery surgical instrument set.

In what cases does a cesarean section take place?

There are different scenarios. There are scheduled cesarean sections if the vaginal delivery is dangerous, for example when the mother’s pelvis is pathological, when the baby is not in a good position or when the uterus is double-scarred, it is say that he has already undergone at least two interventions.

Then there are emergency Caesarean sections which can occur during labor if there is suspicion of fetal suffering, or during pregnancy, if there is a risk to the maternal or fetal vital prognosis in acceptable terms of viability of the baby.

How long does a cesarean section last?

It takes less than ten minutes between the incision and the birth of the child. Then it needs to be stitched up and it takes 30 minutes or more if the uterus is already scarred. It is inevitably an obstetrician who performs the cesarean section.

Can the dad attend?

It depends on the maternities, in general, no, especially for an emergency cesarean. When it comes to a scheduled Caesarean section, dad can always try to ask.

What about the anesthesia?

Usually there is time to do an epidural anesthesia or a spinal cord so that the mother stays awake and sees her baby right away. If there is no anesthesia in place, the emergency is vital for the mother or baby, and the minutes are counted, then a general anesthesia should be given.

What are the immediate consequences of a cesarean?

The mother will not necessarily have contact with her baby right away and will not be able to do a long skin-to-skin contact, but she will be able to find him as soon as the procedure is finished. She doesn’t have to worry if she wants to breastfeed, it won’t be an obstacle. If the baby is well, the daddy can have him in his arms right away.

What are the consequences of childbirth after a cesarean?

The suites of childbirth are longer, it takes about six to seven days in the maternity ward. Caesarized mothers have stomach pain which is normal since they have had the surgery. Treatment comes down to caring for the scar during hospitalization. You must also take precautions, rest and not carry anything heavier than your baby. If it pulls or if it hurts, you should limit your efforts as much as possible.


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