How to dress when you have a stomach? What clothes to choose and wear to hide your round belly?

Whether round or very round, having a belly generates a real complex in women. This part of the body that we see rounding off as a result of weight gain, pregnancy, menopause or hormonal changes sometimes puts strain on our nerves during our shopping sessions. But rest assured, many women are affected by these curves in the belly.

And then, a plump belly is often associated with a feminine and voluptuous body!

However, to enhance its morphology, some clothes will be more suitable than others. So, to learn more about the types of clothes that flatter your figure, follow the guide.


To conceal a round belly, it is better to favor high-waisted stockings that cover the belly.

For your skirts, choose them trapeze or straight shape. As for your pants, go for the bridge or straight models with slant pockets. Fluid materials and dark colors should be favored to hide the bulges of the belly. Above all, avoid tucking your top into your skirt or pants so as not to put the accent on your bottle. Learn more about stockings to wear when you have a stomach. Find out more about skirts to wear when you have a small or large stomach. Find out more about the best pants for when you have a stomach.


Blouses for women UAE will be perfect for hiding your round stomach. Avoid heavy fabrics, tight-fitting materials like stretch and lycra, and shiny textiles. Dress up yourself with our luxurious and exclusive shirts and trousers for women, made from the finest material and available in an array of prints and styles. Find out more about the tops to wear when you have a belly.

Collection of dresses

If your size is marked, the skater or trapeze dress slightly tightened at the waist will magnify your figure and erase your little stomach.

If your size is not very marked, the empire or straight cut will be perfect to hide your bottle. The wrap dress or wrap dress is also a good option because it suits all body types. Read more on dresses for women with belly.


When you have a belly, the trench coat should become the must-have of your wardrobe. This great classic of the mid-season wardrobe adapts to all figures. With its adjustable waistband and trapeze shape, this type of jacket allows you to camouflage a round stomach and slightly wide hips. For winter, the trapeze or straight belted coat will be ideal. As for the jacket, it is essential to choose it long and wear it open. Read more on coats for women with a plump belly.

Accessories to wear with

Play with the jewelry to avoid stares at your plump belly. Opt for the mid-length necklace (long necklace or pendant) which enhances your chest and for the dangling earrings which will lengthen your figure. And remember, in winter, to favor tights with a flat stomach effect that will help you hide your bottle. Find out more about the accessories to adopt when you have a stomach.

Which wedding dress to choose when you have a belly

Are you getting married soon? Are you currently looking for the wedding dress that will sublimate you? It is not always easy to know which wedding dress best suits your body type. This is why we have concocted a special wedding file for you in which you can discover the wedding dresses adapted to your figure!

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