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What Makes Samsung 4K TVs so Different?

Here’s a quick rundown of what you should be looking for in your 2019 4K TV.

What is 4K TV?

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By 4K, we mean TVs with 4x pixel resolution in Full HD, offering a clearer and more detailed view. * But unlike other brands, Samsung’s 4K TVs are actually 4K HDR TVs. The combination of 4K and HDR allows you to better distinguish the brightest and darkest shades.

There are 3 types of stunning Samsung 4K HDR TVs to choose from:

Samsung QLED TV
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1. QLED TV for brilliant, authentic color

The next time a documentary is aired, you will confuse the image with reality. The 100% color color of the QLED TV on a 4K resolution screen gives you vivid and incredibly realistic colors. In combination with the HDR Elite Q HDR10 +, you’ll be immersed in extremely vivid images for an improved view, all powered by the Q 4K engine.

Samsung Premium UHD TV
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2. Premium UHD TV for crisp, cinematic scenes

Movie nights with your partner should be paramount.

Led on Installments in Lahore
Led on Installments in Lahore

The UHD Premium TV reveals hidden details and forgotten moments thanks to the fusion of the powerful contrast of HDR Elite with Ultra Slim Array and Dynamic Crystal Color.

3. 4K UHD TV for refined, optimized picture

With an innovative and vibrant image and smooth action, watching your favorite content in 4K UHD is nothing short of remarkable. And you can even enjoy low-resolution broadcasts, such as reruns, in complete clarity with 4K † upward resolution.

Led on Installments in Lahore
Led on Installments in Lahore

Whether you opt for a 4K UHD, high-end UHD or QLED TV, the color, contrast and phenomenal 4K details will bring you a whole new TV viewing experience.

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