Micro Pigmentation of The Scalp Advice after Care

At the age of 50, about 85% of men have considerably subtle hair. Fortunately, many procedures help people to feel better again. One of the popular methods of treatment is the micro pigmentation of the scalp, which uses tattoo technology to simulate the appearance of a close-up on the head.

A few weeks after the treatment of the micro-pigmentation of the scalp, clients must follow the care procedure to accelerate the recovery of their body. In the end, micro pigmentation is more than cosmetic hair treatment – a minor medical procedure that leaves a lot of small wounds on the skin.

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If you have recently received full micro pigmentation of your hair, use the following steps to protect your skin and achieve the best results:

3 days after

During the first few days, your skin is still restored. Therefore, you should take precautionary measures to limit the exposure of liquids and other substances that may cause infection or damage the pigment.

Here are some things to avoid during this time:

Exposure to water:

This means no bathing, shower or running in the rain!

Sweating may also be detrimental to the results, so avoid cardio exercises and any actions that may lead to sweating.


Do not use foil or razor during the first three days after treatment.

When you touch the scalp, you may be tempted to hold your hands on the pigmented area, but do not touch it, itch or pick your skin to prevent the spread of bacteria.

4-10 days after

Within the next four to ten days after treatment, your activity becomes somewhat limited. Until the fourth day, the scalp can be washed with water, but do not use shampoo. After a week, you can clean the skin with a soft face. Avoid sweating as much as possible or at least 10 days after the micro pigmentation procedure.

A month after

At the end of the month, you can do virtually any activity. While earlier, spray tans, lotions, and sunscreen would have compromised the pigment, after 30 days you can apply these products. Be careful to avoid excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation, as even mild sunburn can damage pigmentation a few months after treatment.

3 Ways your hair care routine really Damages your hair

Your hair is important to you and you do everything you can to care for it. You buy all new products and make sure they are washed. However, the fact that many people do not know that most of their routine hair care is actually bad for their hair. In addition, while trying to take care of her, you also teach him through daily violence when you combine, paint, clean, blow, or do anything else.

By the time they reach the age of 50, about 85% of men will have a substantial thinning hair, and many women will suffer from the same fate. It is therefore important to understand that you are doing wrong.

Wash your hair every day

The rule for hair washing should be done as often as necessary, which is really happening every two to three days. If you wash your hair every day, then you essentially get rid of natural oils that protect your hair and keep it healthy and shiny. If you paint your hair, washing it every day can actually diminish color gradually. However, not everyone can wait three days to wash their hair, especially if they work and sweat. In these cases it is better to clean the scalp and level the ends.

Clean the hair if it is wet

Hair removal during moisture can be especially harmful, because the hair is much weaker if it is wet. A good tip is to brush your hair in front of the shower to get all the nodes out and get out. Drawing a brush through the hair after a shower, it can lead to a large number of torn or damaged hair.

The towel is dried too rude

Not only roughly drying your hair with a towel can potentially lead to hair loss or damage, but it will cause a lot of curl. This is because you’re essentially agitating the cuticle. Instead, try to dry your hair or use a paper towel to dry your hair.

Of course, when errors begin, and problems such as hair loss and baldness become noticeable, it’s time to take action. Visiting authoritative Hair Skill specialists who can determine the cause of your problem and implement a solution may be invaluable.

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