prince2 training

Project management according to prince2 training

Project management according to prince2 training

prince2 training is one of the most successful methods for project management. It is the most widely used process-oriented and scalable project management method worldwide. Due to the structured framework for projects, this approach gives concrete recommendations for action for each project phase.

prince2 training

Plan and implement projects with prince2 training

In our PRINCE2 seminars you will learn to establish and implement goal-oriented and effective project management in your organization. Our PRINCE2 Foundation and prince2 training courses are based on the German version of the 6th edition and follow the official curricula.

The definition at prince2 training is: “A project is a temporary organization that has been set up to deliver one or more products in accordance with an agreed business case.” The topics are: business case (business justification) , Organization, quality, plans, risks and opportunities, changes and progress.

prince2 training

Accredited training organization

Our PRINCE2 course is based on the official curriculum. Trainer guidelines and training documents have been checked and accredited by the international certification


How do you add PRINCE2 Agile concepts to the existing project management environment? How do you control and control projects when the delivery team works with agile behavior and techniques? Our three-day training will answer these questions and familiarize you with the most important agile methods.

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