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Religious Act

Every religious act is sacred to the believers of a particular religion. All the religions of the world have some acts of worship that are considered obligatory or, if they are not obligatory, they are thought to be those that should be performed only to please the Almighty. Among Muslims, some religious observances are obligatory and Hajj is one of them.

A similar act of worship is the Umrah, which is not obligatory and is usually called mini-Hajj and is also very important. This is a sacred practice that takes place throughout the year in the holy land of Mecca in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is a religious observance that every Muslim wants to perform.

It is not limited to the Muslims of a particular area, in fact, it is performed by Muslims who live all over the world. There are certain rites that must be performed to practice and perform properly during Umrah. Everyone must follow each step without which it will not be considered completed. These steps are given here for you to give you an idea of ​​how to do it legitimately and appropriately.

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The starting point of Tawaaf is Hajar-e-Aswad, which means black stone. It is a sacred stone, it is black and you have to touch it and kiss it. As each step in Umrah begins with his decision or with intention, so is the case with Tawaaf. You have to try. The conditions that must be fulfilled in Tawaf are:

The ablution or “Wudhu” is the need before starting it

For men, it is mandatory to keep the right shoulder exposed.

Tawaaf must be done counterclockwise or, more precisely, you must keep your left side towards Ka’aba

Start by touching and kissing black stone. If you have the opportunity to do this, then you must complete it in a way that is mandatory. If you do not have the opportunity to touch it and kiss it, you can raise your hands towards the black stone, you must recite a specific Dua and now you can kiss your palm after lifting it again towards the black stone and the rite is accepted.

There is no need to push people and put others in trouble. In addition, there are chances that you touch a man if you try to pressure others, which is forbidden and is called “haram”. Just pointing and then kissing can complete the ritual and it is called “Islam”. Now you should start the circle of Ka’aba. Istilam must be done with each round of Tawaf. During Tawaf you pass through a corner of Ka’aba called Rukn-e-Yamani, which is the fourth corner. You should touch it with your right hand. During Tawaaf, men should walk a little faster in the first three rounds around Ka’aba. They need to do small steps during this.

Now you need to get to Maqam-e-Ibrahim and you have to say a prayer that consists of two Raka’ahs. If it is convenient, touch and kiss Hajar-e-Aswad again. Want to Visit? See Cheap Umrah Package UK

Realizing Sa’yee

After kissing and touching black stone or performing Istilam, you must go for Sa’yee. It starts from Mount Safa. You need to be in the state of wudhu and also to make the intention. There are some Duas that you can recite during Sa’yee since they are not specified. Sa’yee starts from the point of Safa where you can see Ka’aba. Now you need to descend from him after reciting Duas.

Men need to run between the green pillars. Women should walk normally. Now is the time to ascend to Marwa and there are the same pleas as for Safa. This is the completion of the first circuit. You need to complete this rite seven times and in the same way. Now the Sa’yee ritual is complete.


It is the last point after which your Umrah is completed. Includes Halaq or Qasar. These are the essential and ultimate parts of the observance. They are made differently for men and women. Halaq or Qasar simply means shaving or cutting respectively. When you have completed the Sa’yee rite and you find yourself using Ihram, you must complete these steps. For men, it is preferable to shave

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