Top Reasons Why Students Fail at ITIL Foundation

As much as you wouldn’t really believe it, failure in ITIL foundation examination is a reality. You, can, at no cost undermine the gravity of the examination – thinking that you would be able to pass off with flying colors even if you are not investing due time for preparations. Yes, the structure of the examination is relatively easy. You have to answer 40 multiple-choice questions out of which you have to get 26 rights in order to clear the examination. However, multiple-choice questions do not guarantee success. The absence of long subjective questions does make the job a tad easier for you but it really doesn’t mean that clearing the examination is a walk in the park! No it’s not!

ITIL Foundation

Listed below are the leading reasons why students fail in ITIL foundation examination.

You are overconfident which inadvertently means you are under prepared

Lack of preparation is definitely the prime culprit when it comes to failure in this examination. You aren’t familiar with the itil foundation study material. You are not making optimal use of the books and mock tests made available for students. You think you can improvise at the examination itself. Let us tell you complacency doesn’t work here. Don’t be shocked to find yourself unsuccessful with this approach. The key is to acquaint yourself with the basic jargons, service improvement, abbreviations, service design and other aspects of ITIL covered by the level of examination you are appearing for.

Only learning will not do. Practice mock examinations online and try to finish them within the stipulated time period.

You are not taking time to read the questions properly

Are you reading the questions thoroughly when you are writing the exam? If the answer is a “no” then there is trouble brewing. You can get panicked and start ticking randomly. However, don’t forget that you have approximately 1.5 minutes to answer each question. That’s a decent degree of time to answer a one-mark question. Make the most of this time to read the question and then answer.

Exam stress is the culprit

Do you suffer from exam stress? Try not to get panicked! Hold your calm. As is already mentioned above, you have enough time to read every question and then answer. With the right kind of preparation and that kind of time, you should be able to sail through comfortably. A potent way to shrug off those initial nerves is to attempt the easy questions first.

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