Toys and games

Toys and Games are they both educational tools?

Your little ones constantly ask you to play with them and they? More than the toys and games we can provide, they want us to play with them, they want our attention and dedication, but it’s not always possible!

So, when we don’t have time to play with them, we often try to find toys and games that will make up for it. The campaign launched¬† entitled “The other card” is a good example of this. The good news is that we are not doing so badly; Canadian mothers and fathers are the ones who play with their sons and daughters the most, according to a study carried out by the European Federation of Toy Industries. So not all is lost!

Toys and games

In spite of all this, can we get a good balance between games and toys? Have we even stopped to think about it? We know that games, well chosen, can help us educate our children in the values we believe in. Can toys do that too?

Distinguishing between Toys and games

First of all, we must distinguish between Toys and games. While the game is the activity, the toy is the physical object used to perform the activity, although, of course, there are games that do not need toys to be played.

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