Why is it not recommended to use water by infants?

The life span of a baby aged 0-6 months is extremely important, due to the high level of development of its body. That is why it is not recommended to introduce water in the feeding of babies in the first 6 months of life. The introduction of water into the baby’s diet, before the mentioned term, can cause a feeling of satiety, with the possibility that the baby may refuse milk. So a perfect water filter for home is necessary for  infant’s health.

When is it advisable to introduce water into baby nutrition?

After 6 months of age, when the diversification of the baby’s diet begins, water can be introduced as a nutritious food for the preparation of food or for the hydration of the child, for the preparation of milk powder, tea or simply used as drinking water.

Caution: Do not attempt to replace the water with tea. In the preparation of the tea, the nutritional formula of the water is modified, not having the same minerals beneficial to a correct hydration.

What kind of water is recommended for feeding children?

Because by boiling water, only Giardia cysts are eliminated , substances and sediments such as: asbestos, chlorine, pesticides and insecticides remain in the boiled water component, reaching inside the body along with tea or milk prepared with tap water . The bottled water used to prepare the baby’s food can also contain harmful substances , due to improperly stored and transported, causing the appearance of toxins at the contact of the sun’s rays with the plastic container in which the water is stored. Following the studies carried out by the specialists in Pakistan , it was found that when storing water under temperatures below zero degrees, then thawing it, it results in the release of carcinogens, called phthalates . There is the option to choose bottled water specially created for the preparation or feeding of baby food, but it was found that there is no difference between bottled water for children and that for adults, being only targeted marketing campaigns.

What is the solution for obtaining ultra-pure water for the feeding of children?

Water companies in Pakistan  has aimed over the years to improve the lifestyle of people, offering after long studies, water purification filters with guaranteed quality and efficiency.
Therefore, the solution to provide unlimited clean water, even from the tap, involves installing high-performance water filters that clean 99% of the substances and sediments in its composition. Water filters are efficient solutions that help you quickly get clean water, by giving up travel to buy bottled water and especially by lowering the risk of consuming bottled water with toxic substances. The filters for obtaining clean water at the tap are small in size  , have a modern design and have their entire installation kit. As a plus, they do not require major maintenance repairs, these being performed annually.

Using a four-cartridge system

Water  filtration is performed in just 5 steps :

  • The first filtration step involves the passage of water through a cartridge made of polypropylene. This material helps to filter sediment up to 20 microns , thus removing dirt, rust or sand.
  • The second stage of water filtration involves the passage through a cartridge of the same material, respectively polypropylene, but this time having a degree of sediment filtration of one micron, removing the impurities left after the passage of the first cartridge, thus providing a double protection regarding the removal of unwanted materials and substances.
  • The third stage of filtering the current water is its passage through a cartridge formed this time from granular charcoal activated from coconut, which has as properties the 99%removal of chlorine , sediments and organic matter, which have aim to improve the taste and smell of the water.
  • Finally, another compound of the water filter, but also the last stage of water filtration, is a second activated granular coal from the coconut, this time having a special KDFfiltration medium for elimination of iron and heavy metals such as lead, nickel, chrome and spindles.

Filter for water vs. bottled water

Following the tests performed by specialists in the field, it has been shown that about 93% of bottled water can have a harmful substance content, resulting from microplastic contamination. Due to the degradation of the plastic used in the bottling of water bottles, due to improper storage, or from contact with the sun or in high temperature conditions, the purity of the bottled water can suffer, causing undesirable side effects. To prevent situations where there is no high control effect, an alternative solution may be to install a filter for running water. Selected following a report on the current water content, coming from the local water supplier, the water filter can destroy 99% of the bacteria and sediments contained in its composition. That’s why water filter for home is best than other filtration sources.

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