Water filtration plant working principle

Water filtration plant working principle

The treatment of raw water after it is collected depends on its quality and its constituents, criteria which vary over time. Water drawn from the environment must therefore be analyzed continuously before undergoing the appropriate drinking water treatment. For water treatment a better water filtration plant is necessary. Once this check has been made, the water undergoes several treatments before being distributed in the drinking water circuits.

Screening and sieving

Passing the captured water through grids and screens eliminates the largest debris.


If the organic load is very high or if there is ammonia , iron or manganese in solution, oxidation facilitates their elimination during the clarification phase. This oxidation step can be done with chlorine or ozone .

Clarification: coagulation-flocculation, decantation and filtration

In the presence of coagulating and flocculating products , the particles in suspension in the water aggregate into flakes. The weight of these flakes causes the sedimentation of the particles at the bottom of the settling tanks. The final filtration through mineral filters ( sand ) or membranes makes it possible to produce clear water free of its particles.


The pathogenic bacteria and viruses that remain in the water are eliminated during the disinfection stage. Chlorine, ozone or ultraviolet rays are used for this . A small amount of chlorine remains in the produced water to avoid bacterial development further down the line, in the water network.

Other treatments

Eventually, the hardness of the water is corrected  by water filtration plant to avoid corrosion or scaling of the pipes .In the event of specific pollution, for example nitrates or pesticides , additional depollution treatments are applied. On leaving the drinking water plant, the water is routed to reservoirs (water towers) and then to taps . Water treatment for diseases is becoming increasingly popular. Proper drinking regimen eliminates pain in the joints and back, fights varicose veins, eliminates headache and the first signs of colds and SARS, improves skin and hair condition. And this is not all the advantages of using raw water.

One of the popular ways to heal is to treat your kidneys with water. After all, it is precisely this body that is necessary for proper functioning. Adequate water intake per day dilutes the concentration of urine in the kidneys. This not only reduces the risk of deposits of salts, sand and kidney stones, but also helps them to function properly. Fasting with water is the best help to our digestive system for the whole day. Indeed, during sleep, food in the stomach is digested and water, getting into the digestive system, takes away all toxins, waste, decay products and removes it from the body. The body is cleansed, and our general well-being improves, we feel lightness and a charge of energy. An important nuance in the method of treating water with various diseases and ailments, nevertheless, is a sufficient amount. An adult is recommended to drink at least 2 liters of raw water per day. And here many make a serious mistake, replacing it with tea, coffee and sweet drinks, and this is far from the best option for the body. For effective work, our body needs precisely water, and not boiled, but purified. It is very simple and affordable to get it at home today, it’s enough to simply connect  filters to your home water supply .


So, here are some useful tips and advice on the proper drinking regimen, which will help to improve well-being and get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of some diseases:

  1. Drink a glass of raw water from the filter on an empty stomach. This will not only cleanse the body, but also start the competent work of the entire digestive system.
  2. During the day, consume 2.5 – 3 liters of water per day. This will protect you from many unpleasant diseases, strengthen immunity, preserve youthfulness and good spirits.
  3. At high temperatures, the best natural salvation is water! Drink plenty of fluids; it will remove bacteria, infections and viruses that provoked it along with it, and also serve as a natural antipyretic.
  4. In case of poisoning – again saving water! It is a plentiful drink that will fill the body’s water balance, which suffers greatly in such situations. Drink in small portions every 15-20 minutes and you will feel better.
  5. A number of problems with our skin, such as dryness, irritation, acne, and others, also treat a competent drinking regimen. Drink water regularly, and you will improve your appearance without cosmetics.
  6. With hypertension, a glass of raw water every hour normalizes blood pressure and improves overall well-being.

Try our recommendations in practice and see their benefits. After all, today it is scientifically proven that the main problems of many diseases and poor health are associated with improper drinking regimen and with dehydration. Treatment of diseases with water is an effective and working method of healing and cleansing the entire body at any age. Drink more proper water, take care of yourself and your family, install filters at home!

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