Why Some ITIL Certification Providers Prefer Online ITIL Training Courses

The natural resources are getting depleted day by day, but it must be noted that technology is moving at a fast pace. Now anyone can have the world in their hands provided they have the latest technology gadgets at their disposal. Learning has also changed for the better with knowledge coming to a student’s doorstep or shall we say, laptop in the form of online courses.

Schools and colleges from all over the world are recognizing the importance of online courses as it is the best option for saving money from every corner. The way of gaining knowledge has drastically changed a lot in recent times due to the Internet phenomenon.


A good ITIL course with excellent feedback from participants coupled with a high pass percentage can definitely attract interested students from all over the globe. Even small time ITIL Certification training providers have jumped on to the bandwagon because they can attract anyone from any country and an ITIL online training course does not have any boundaries.

An ITIL Training Institute can provide ITIL courses (ITIL Foundation Lifecycle Intermediate courses such as Service Transition and Continual Service Improvement or Capability Intermediate courses such as Operations Support and Analysis) by giving access to the participants so they can gain knowledge regarding their area of interest at their own pace.

With multiple software tools which can be downloaded free from the Internet, a participant can download the courseware on to their computer or they can access it online. Online training is beneficial for both Participants and ITIL Training Institutes.

Advantages of ITIL  course for Participants:

A student can understand a chapter completely and then move on to the next one. In case of a clarification, he can shoot an email to the Training Institute’s website and his queries will be answered.

An online ITIL Training course would not be that of a big book containing all the course content, but easily understandable figures, captions, tables etc. Important topics would be marked by means of bullet points rather than having long paragraphs in a traditional class.

All the Training Institutes have courseware that is up-to-date with the recent syllabus.

Advantages for ITIL Training Providers on Online Training courses:

An online training course saves on the costs attained through providing classroom space for ITIL  course and no Instructor has to be paid remuneration.

An Instructor is not needed 24/7 to handle queries by the participant. But it should be answered within a stipulated time frame as per the policies of Training Institute.

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