Windows 10 Live Tiles Not Working – How to Fix?

All Windows users are familiar with direct tiles that display necessary information without opening the application. This feature is introduced again on Windows 8. There are specific boxes to display information related to news, weather, and so on. These boxes can be rearranged, resized, and moved as needed. These tiles reach live real-time information from social networks, messaging systems, the Internet, and so forth.

Direct tiling usually contains blinking information. There are problems with tiling, such as blank tiling or tiling. Fixed tile is the one that displays the name of the program on its icon while the empty tile does not display anything.

How to Fix Windows 10 Live Tiles Not Working – Windows Tips

Step 1: Restart explorer.exe. To do this right-click on Taskbar> Task Manager. Go to the Process tab, search in Windows Explorer. Right-click it. Restart your system.
Step 2: Make sure you have a 1024 x 768 screen and run your User Account Control.
Step 3: Next, you’ll need to run the Windows Application Troubleshooter.
Step 4: Go to Settings and reset Windows 10 applications.
Step 5: Use the direct tile file format jpg or .png. Installing any conflicting software may cause a problem with the action of the response. Therefore, we recommend that you verify that the problem starts after you install any new program. If so, you can try uninstalling and verifying the software.

Step 6: Exchange local accounts and Microsoft accounts may help resolve the issue.
Step 7: You can try uninstalling and installing the Applications panel in the start screen.
Step 8: With the help of Uninstaller, you can try uninstalling, reinstalling or repairing the application or program.
Step 9: Next, you must run the System File Checker.
Step 10: Use the Update Computer feature to update your computer.

However, one of the best ways to solve the problem is not updating the tiles, Windows 10 can be created to clear the direct tile automatically each time the system is shut down. This ensures that the direct tile is updated every time the system is started. If Windows 10 Live Titles is not working, follow the steps above to fix them.

Tip: How to Flush live tiles in Windows 10

The Windows Registry can be used to automatically clear live tiles when you shut down your system. However, before editing, you must back up the registry.

You can flush live tiles by following the procedure mentioned below:

In the Start menu, locate Regedit.
Right-click Start and select Run As Administrator.
This opens the Windows Registry Editor with administrator privileges.
Go to
HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ SOFTWARE \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Windows \
This leads you to the target key.
When you reach the target key, create a new key to activate the automatic tile cleaning process.
To create a new key, right-click Windows, select New, and then Key.
Give the new key the name Explorer and press Enter (Enter)
Right-click on the left panel to choose a new key.
Select “New-> D WORD (32-bit) Value”
A D WORD value is created. Name this value “ClearTilesonExit”.
After that, you must change the default data value.
Double click on newly created value.
Go to Modify Value Window
Enter 1 in the Value data field
Save the changes by clicking OK.
Restart the system to validate the changes. After that, Windows automatically scans the tiles when your system is shut down and the tiles will be updated when it is turned on.


Among the many great features Windows 10 provides to its users, Tiles is a common feature. Any problems running this feature may cause the user to abort. There are simple ways to use DIY to troubleshoot hard or empty tile problems and correct them. However, if your problems are not resolved, it is advisable to consult a professional.

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