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35 Keyboard And Computer Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

Keyboard and computer shortcuts are designed to make routine computer tasks faster and easier. The only problem is that many of them have gone unnoticed by the average user. By using simple keyboard and computer shortcuts in the workplace, you can increase your productivity and reduce the pressure caused by repetitive movements.

Most shortcuts are used to eliminate additional steps that may involve your mouse or the selection of additional menus. Although this list is not exhaustive, these shortcuts are among the most common that you will use regularly. The shortcuts below apply specifically to PC users:

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These shortcuts work in many common programs and applications, including most Microsoft Office applications.

  1. Ctrl+A

Highlight everything in the current folder, document, or page.

  1. Ctrl+C / Ctrl+Insert

Copy the selected text, image, or item to the clipboard.

  1. Ctrl+X

Cut (delete) the selected text, image, or item and move it to the Clipboard.

  1. Ctrl+V

Paste the contents of the clipboard into the current program or window.

  1. Ctrl+F

Open a search window. In Microsoft Outlook, this transmits a message.

  1. Ctrl+S

Save a document, file, or open webpage.

  1. Ctrl+Z

Cancel the last action performed

  1. Ctrl + P

Print the current document or page.

  1. Ctrl + N

Opens a new window.

  1. Ctrl + W

Closes the current window.


In addition to general shortcuts, here are some common shortcuts that you can use for Microsoft Word:

  1. Ctrl + B

Bold your text

  1. Ctrl + U

Highlight your text.

  1. Ctrl + I

Italicize your text

  1. Ctrl + L

Align your paragraph to the left.

  1. Ctrl + E

Center your paragraph. Double-tap the shortcut key to return to the left alignment

  1. Ctrl + R

Align your paragraph well. Double-tap the shortcut key to return to the left alignment

  1. Ctrl + J

Justify your paragraph. Press the shortcut key twice to return to the left alignment.

  1. Ctrl + K

Create a hyperlink.

  1. F7 Key

Start the spell checker.

  1. Shift + F7 Key

Start the thesaurus.


In addition to general shortcuts, here are a handful of the most useful keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Excel:

  1. F2 Key

Edit the active cell.

  1. Alt + Enter

When editing a cell, add a line break in the same cell.

  1. Ctrl + Space

Highlight the entire column.

  1. Shift + Space

Highlight the entire line.

  1. Ctrl + D

Use the Fill Down command. This copies the contents and formatting of the highest cell to all highlighted cells below.


In addition to general shortcuts, here are other shortcuts that you can use in web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

  1. F5 Key

Refresh the current page.

  1. Ctrl + (+ or -)

Zoom in or out.

  1. Ctrl + Tab

Switch between open browser tabs.

  1. Ctrl + Shift + T

Open the last tab you closed.

  1. Ctrl + D

Mark the current site.


Beyond applications and individual programs, Windows has its own set of keyboard shortcut keys that can help you save time.

  1. Alt + Tab

Switch between open applications.

  1. Windows Key + D

Show / hide the desktop.

  1. Windows Key + L

Lock your computer. (It’s really a good thing to do before you go, to protect your data)

  1. Windows Key + E

Open the file explorer.

  1. Ctrl + Alt + Delete

Traditionally used to stop an application or restart Windows. Newer versions of Windows will take you to a simple point where you can start Disconnect, Shut Down, Start Task Manager, and perform more basic security tasks.

Most of the shortcuts we have listed are Windows or PC-based, but that does not mean that there are not many other shortcuts that are applicable for Macs, and so on. In fact, there are many more shortcuts than Windows. listed here!

Many of these shortcuts work with multiple programs, but they are not universal. Each program requires shortcut support, and each program can have its own shortcuts. However, when there are so many shortcuts available to make our lives easier, it’s hard to complain when one or two do not work 100% of the time.

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