8 criteria to help you choose a good orthodontist

You have decided to consult an orthodontist to get rid of a malocclusion, uneven teeth and other defects that make you embarrassed to smile. But how to choose a good specialist? After all, orthodontic treatment is quite expensive and takes a lot of time – and you are probably not ready to waste these resources. We offer you eight criteria by which you need to choose a qualified specialist so that the treatment is of high quality and effective.

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Qualification and Professionalism

Doctors who want to keep abreast of the latest developments and methods usually have not only diplomas of specialized education, but also certificates attesting to attending specialized trainings, seminars and forums. The availability of such certificates and their number will be an important argument in favor of the specialist you are planning to contact.

For example, doctors at the Clinic Network have completed a total of more than 220 continuing education courses and have diplomas from the world’s largest manufacturers of orthodontic equipment (Ormco) and leading medical universities.

An experienced orthodontist will help you achieve the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Bite correction will be effective only with a highly qualified specialist

The whole truth about first person braces!

Find out what guarantees should be and how to save on treatment.

Recommendations and results of previous work

Often a good orthodontist can be advised by your friends or neighbors who already have experience of treatment in a nearby clinic. Reviews of orthodontic correction by one or another specialist can be found on the Internet. The total number of patients can tell about the doctor’s great experience, if such information, of course, is publicly available.

Each of the qualified orthodontists of the network of clinics has already installed more than 1,000 bracket systems:

Our experts are recommended to friends and acquaintances. And you can get acquainted with the results of the work of our orthodontists in the “before and after” format in a special section of our website .

Types of orthodontic equipment the doctor works with

If you plan to install ordinary metal braces, this item is not significant. However, when orthodontic correction is done in adulthood, many patients prefer less noticeable, and therefore more complex, technological solutions, which can only be set by doctors with certain skills. For example, far from any orthodontist will undertake to develop a treatment regimen with transparent OrthoSnap airliners or will be able to install lingual braces. If you do not want others to know that you are undergoing correction of the occlusion and the position of the teeth, when choosing a specialist, you must definitely specify what kind of orthodontic constructions he can offer you.

The doctors of the clinic network work with advanced orthodontic designs, including Damon self-ligating braces, transparent eliners, “invisible” and internal (lingual) braces. We will do everything so that orthodontic treatment is not only effective, but also does not cause you aesthetic inconvenience.

Lingual braces are a special kind of orthodontic constructions that are attached to the inner surface of the teeth and are thus completely invisible.

Clinic equipment

For successful orthodontic treatment, a full and most accurate diagnosis is important. After all, it is on the basis of preliminary examinations that the doctor determines the best possible position for each tooth and develops a treatment plan. This is very important, since the braces are not made by the orthodontist himself, but in the laboratories on his order. And if it turns out that an error was made in the initial calculations, orthodontic constructions will have to be ordered again.

Clinics of the network are equipped with modern equipment, including the latest tomographs, the use of which is a step forward compared to conventional fluoroscopy. With their help, you can perform an accurate and thorough examination of the dentition of the patient.

Orthodontist will calculate what result you can achieve, and will develop the optimal treatment regimen

Before starting orthodontic correction, a thorough examination of the dentition is necessary

Other doctors and clinic services

Although the orthodontist solves the main tasks in developing a treatment regimen, sometimes he needs the help of other specialists. For example, for successful correction, sometimes it is necessary to remove one or more teeth. It is also worth remembering that before starting the orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to carry out a complete sanitation of the oral cavity and cure all existing diseases (caries, gingivitis, etc.). Of course, the treatment will be much more successful if all clinic specialists can effectively interact with each other.

In the clinics, you will receive expert assistance in any field of dentistry. If you need to consult a doctor of related specialization, you can go through it in the clinic and save time and money.

How are the consultations

Even the initial consultation with many orthodontists is expensive – but you still don’t even know if you will continue treatment with this specialist! That is why, choosing a doctor, pay attention to the conditions under which he conducts the initial consultation, and also whether it will be possible to turn to another specialist in the future.

In the clinics, initial consultations of orthodontists are free of charge – you have the opportunity to first discuss with the doctor all the details of the future treatment, and you will only pay for the services actually provided. Of course, the first consultation does not impose any obligations on you. And if during treatment you have doubts about its correctness, you can consult with another specialist of our clinic or even with a consultation of doctors for free.

Payment options

Orthodontic correction is an expensive process. In addition, sometimes the cost of treatment is adjusted upward after it has already begun. Therefore, choosing an orthodontist, you should not only clarify the estimated cost of treatment, but also find out how much it can increase if the correction goes not according to plan. And also ask about the availability of loans and other opportunities to pay for treatment in a more convenient and profitable way for you.

clinics offer an advantageous interest-free installment plan: the cost of treatment is divided into 12 parts, which you pay monthly. If you immediately pay at least 80% of the cost of treatment, we guarantee that the price will remain unchanged for you for the next two years. A special clause of the contract excludes unplanned changes and an increase in the cost of the treatment plan. In addition, we will help you fill out all the necessary documents to receive a tax deduction for expensive treatment.

Guaranteed Result

Surely you will not want to spend tens of thousands on installing braces just to find that your teeth have not yet taken the optimal position or returned to their original places after treatment. It is for this case that the guarantees of the orthodontist are needed, which should be spelled out in the contract. If the doctor cannot provide a guarantee of the result, you should look for another specialist – especially when it comes to complex or expensive treatment.

The network of clinics provides seven guarantees for orthodontic treatment , including:

  • money back guarantee if the planned result is not achieved;
  • a guarantee of compliance with the planned terms of orthodontic treatment;
  • a guarantee of maintaining healthy teeth;
  • guarantee of stability of the achieved result for 7 years after installation;
  • best price guarantee.

All warranty obligations of the Clinic are specified in the contract.

We invite you to an initial consultation with orthodontists at the Clinic. Our specialists are trusted not only by thousands, but also by theater and film stars. Sign up – we remind you that the first consultation is free!

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