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As a specialist doctor, the gynecologist uses special medical equipment that will allow treatment in a gynecology office or a suitable medical office in the case of a general practitioner offering gynecological procedures. Follow our advice for setting up a gynecology / obstetrics office and purchasing delivery surgical instrument set, gynecological couches or essential consumables.

Gynecologist’s office:
For a first installation of a gynecology practice, the gynecologist will have to equip himself with basic medical equipment:

– Electric or not gynecological couch.

– Disposable or reusable vaginal specula.

– Disposable or reusable gynecological forceps.

– Complementary gynecological instrumentation.

– Class B autoclave

– Gynecological examination lamp

– Doppler

– Lubricant

Keep in mind that the gynecologist or obstetrician gynecologist uses many consumables: specula, plasticized examination sheets, powdered or non-powdered gloves or finger cots, gel for ultrasound scans, disinfection products, soaps, etc. It is important to manage the stocks in a coherent manner in order to be able to constantly ensure a quality reception.

Gynecological examination couch:

The choice of the gynecological couch will then be made first of all on a simple criterion: the budget. Then, the gynecologist can, if he is a general practitioner in the same medical practice, equip himself with a versatile examination couch in order to carry out gynecological examinations and classic medical examinations with the same furniture alternately. Many exam couch manufacturers offer optional stirrups and leg rests.


There are two main types of gynecological specula: Cusco speculum or Collin speculum. The gynecological speculum or vaginal speculum will be chosen for its size (depending on the age and morphology of the patients) and according to the management of the instrumentation at his office: reusable stainless steel vaginal specula or specula for use unique for ease of use. The reusable vaginal speculum should be disinfected after use and ideally autoclaved for sterilization.

Gynecological instruments:

Forceps and scissors for gynecological practice are available in reusable or single-use versions. Long forceps, Pozzi forceps, Palmer muzzle forceps, biopsy forceps, Cicero forceps, uterine cotton holder, Cheron forceps or even Metzembaum scissors, Pozzi-Palmer forceps, Therum forceps, longuette forceps, Douai biopsy forceps, Tischler biopsy forceps and much more.

Medical Lighting: the gynecological examination lamp is useful whether it is for auscultation or minor surgery. An LED gynecological examination lamp allows to have a strong illumination without producing heat in order to ensure the practitioner and the patient the better comfort. LID or DErungs are brands offering medical lamps particularly suitable for the obstetrician gynecologist. Gynecological examination lamp

Fetal Doppler: As part of the monitoring of pregnancies, the obstetrician gynecologist will have to equip himself with a medical Doppler.

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