Curtain Cleaning in Sydney
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Curtain Cleaning in Sydney – Tips for Cleaning Curtains

Curtains are often ignored when it comes to sweeping around the home, either because we don’t know where to start or because it seems to be a time-consuming task. Curtain Cleaning in Sydney is similar to cleaning fragile clothing, but it is less time-intensive. We’ve put together a quick guide to cleaning, drying, and caring for your curtains.

Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

Machine Washing Curtains

Not all curtains can be cleaned in the washing machine. It all depends on the cloth they’re made of. It’s better to refer to the treatment mark for instructions about how to clean them properly. If your curtains are cotton, you should usually wash them on the delicate cycle in the washing machine.

If you have sheer or lace curtains that can be machine washed, place them in a big delicate bag or pillowcase to prevent them from fraying.

Hand Washing Curtains – Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

Hand washing is a better choice if you can’t find the care sticker or don’t want to throw your curtains in the washing machine because they’re fragile. When you are in command, the chance of fabric loss is reduced. Check out this handwashing tutorial if you’re not sure how to do it. If you have a big enough sink, it’s easier to use the bathtub because the curtains are too large.

Drying Curtains

If the care label specifies that you cannot tumble dry your curtains, line, or hang them to dry outdoors if the weather permits. To prevent bleaching, stay away from intense sunshine and dry in a cool area if necessary.

To prevent wrinkles and creases, tumble dry the curtains in a low heat environment and cut them only before they are fully dry. When the curtains are already wet, iron or press them.

Dry Curtain Cleaning in Sydney

If your curtains are only dry cleanable, you can get them dry washed rather than machine or hand-cleaning them. Dry clean curtains consisting of delicate fabrics like velvet, velour, brocade, chenille wool, or silk.

You should avoid taking your curtains to the dry cleaners by using a dry cleaning service like Laundry heap, which would pick them up and send them to you.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning using a hand-held steam cleaner is a simple process for curtain cleaning in Sydney that is safe for nearly all fabric styles. Since you can steam your curtains without bringing them off, this approach takes so little effort. It’s suitable for dense curtains or those made of natural materials.

Start at the top and work your way down the curtain with gentle vertical strokes. Make sure the steamer is set to “delicate.”

Maintaining Curtains

To minimize dust and odors, you can wash/deep curtain cleaning in Sydney at least twice a year. Vacuum your curtains once a week with the soft brush accessories, polish your windows and sills, and dust curtain tracks to keep them looking new in between.

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