3 Best Ways for Acne-Free Skin After Birth Control

علاج حب الشباب

Stopping hormonal contraceptives can cause inflammation of the skin, blemishes, and excessive oil production. According to leading dermatologists, using birth control and getting off can have its own side effects.

When you take birth control pills, the hormones estrogen and progestin provide a stable environment for your skin. Stepping on birth control disrupts the balance, which can potentially lead to many skin problems, including acne. While your skin condition will return to normal on its own within a few months, there are a few ways you can ensure clear, glowing, and acne-free skin:


Be prepared in advance rather than waiting for the first acne flare to appear. Usually doctors recommend taking proper skin care two to three months before getting off the birth control pill. Stay hydrated, sleep well and keep your stress level down. A well-balanced, anti-inflammatory diet high in omega-3 fatty acids and filled with fruits and vegetables will help control inflammation and prevent acne.

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Follow a good skincare routine

Diligently follow a routine skin care regimen while your hormones return to normal. Wash your face thoroughly every night to remove all environmental contaminants and makeup. Use oil blotting pads to prevent oily skin and reduce sebum production. Never let go of blemishes and try to use only non-comedogenic products on your skin.

Topical medications

If you accidentally get acne then apply the best acne gel or clear gel for acne. You can even use the best acne soap that provides a very effective acne treatment. Remember that the best acne products like acne gel, acne soap are also a powerful treatment for hormonal acne.

Following the skin health tips mentioned above can play a key role in giving you clear, glowing skin. These over-the-counter acne products are easy to apply and also serve as an effective remedy for blemishes.

Stay Clean, Stay Acne Free!

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