My advice to regain self-confidence through clothing

I’m ugly “,” I suck “,” I won’t do it “. You may have heard this before somewhere? If this is the case, it is surely that, like the majority of women, you lack self-confidence. This inner discourse is symptomatic of it. What if I told you that it is possible to regain self-confidence through clothes? Feeling comfortable and feminine helps you assert yourself and express your true nature.

Indeed, self-confidence and clothing often go hand in hand. Have you noticed how well-dressed women exude a natural confidence? They shine and wear their clothes like a second skin. Yet they are no different from you. They have their qualities and their faults, but they know each other and are aware of their worth. So how do you get to know yourself and gain confidence through your clothes? I give you my advice here.

Detaching from limiting beliefs about femininity to strengthen self-esteem

First, let’s put it in context. If many women lack self-confidence and have a fragile self-image, this is in part due to female stereotypes promoted by the media and by society in general.

Break free from the stereotype of the perfect woman

From the Disney princess to the Hollywood star, since your earliest childhood we have imposed an ultra-standardized image of the woman. This one wants to be young, tall, and slender with fine features and perfect hair. However, when we know that French women are on average 1.65 m tall and that the most commonly worn clothing size is 40, we realize that we are far from the 1.80 m and 34-36 for models.

In recent years, a new stereotype has also emerged: that of the wonder woman, always beautiful and well dressed, who manages family, work and social life as if it were a simple formality.

In this way, we pass off the exception as the norm and deny the differences and peculiarities of each. No wonder the majority of women don’t feel aligned with their image. In fact, there are many who spend their energy achieving an ideal that is almost unattainable. Add to this the influence of social networks that encourage people to compare themselves and help strengthen complexes. And yes, times are tough for self-esteem!

In this context, it is more than essential to reconnect with yourself and become aware of your specificities. Whether physical, intellectual or psychological, you have your own strengths and qualities. Returning to one’s true nature is essential in order to identify them and bring them to light. Recognizing your worth and discovering the woman you are deep within allows you to break free from stereotypes and stop comparing yourself.

Relearn how to consciously make choices to assert you

Chances are, as a result of your upbringing and culture; you have incorporated the unconscious belief that a woman should be wearing nice clothes. And that, in order to be socially accepted, it is strongly recommended that you dress in a fashion style that is totally foreign to whom you really are.

Results, you opt for clothes that are fashionable, but often do not suit you. You know this super trendy little top looks great on the model and looks like a hospital gown on you. Or, that dress you had chosen for your cousin’s wedding which, admittedly, looks pretty good on you, but in which you feel disguised. How do you feel comfortable and confident when wearing ready to wear women clothing that seem made for someone else?

Dressing for yourself and reclaiming your clothing choices from your body and not from the outside is something you can learn. It is a journey towards self-knowledge that ultimately allows you to assert yourself and finally dare to reveal your inner nature.


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