The iterative cesarean

Cesarean section is surgery. She extracts the child through an incision in the uterus with the help of cesarean section surgical instrument set. When we give birth by caesarean section, we speak of a “high delivery” delivery. Much pathology requires such childbirth.

A cesarean section is called iterative, which is performed on a mother who has already given birth by cesarean section.

Why an iterative cesarean?

It is usually offered to women because of an already scarred uterus and fear of adhesions due to previous cesarean sections. Doctors fear that the uterus will rupture during labor as well as other risks after a first cesarean: the placenta may have implantation abnormalities and the doctor may also find adhesions. That is to say healing problems. The skin cut during the first cesarean has healed abnormally and the lining of the uterus may stick to the lining of the bladder or other organs.

Before opening, it is impossible to know the condition of the tissues. If there is no cesarean, the adhesions cause difficulties and delay labor, then there may be fetal distress and the practitioner is forced to perform an emergency cesarean section which takes many minutes. If the cesarean section is decided during labor, it creates many more complications than if it is decided calmly before.

The iterative cesarean

The famous gynae doctors consider that a scarred uterus is considered a clinical situation for performing an iterative cesarean section. The procedure for an iterative cesarean section is the same as for all other cesarean sections. The incision will be made in the same place on the skin and the doctor can sometimes improve the first scar. This cesarean section may be longer than the first if the gynecologist finds adhesions from the old scar. The side effects of a repeated cesarean are exceptional.

If, despite everything, the mother decides to give birth naturally, it could very well be, but she must be informed of the risks. She is asked to know all the pros and cons of vaginal birth and repeated cesarean section. This delivery will require more monitoring: during labor, fetal monitoring will monitor the bleeding and especially the suffering of the child.

After natural childbirth, the doctor will have to insert his hand into the uterus to check that the scar has held securely. Medical opinions are still very divided on the issue and many hospitals no longer leave the choice to the mother and directly offer surgical delivery. The operative consequences of the iterative cesarean section are exactly the same as those of the first cesarean section.

There is a great deal of medical discussion about iterative caesarean sections. Many mothers would prefer a natural childbirth and doctors often prefer to perform this cesarean section to take less risk and provide more comfort to the unborn child.


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