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Dental implantation in 1 day: true or fiction?

Loss of teeth leads to impaired speech and chewing, adversely affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract. But in addition to functional disorders, an aesthetic defect also appears. Loss of front teeth leads to severe psychological discomfort. Today, with the development of implantology, it is possible to restore the integrity of the dentition by means of simultaneous (immediate) implantation.

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Specialists at the Clinic have been practicing this technique for a long time. Immediate implant placement immediately after tooth extraction allows you to save money, reduce the healing process by almost 2 times. In just a few visits, you will completely restore the aesthetics and functionality of the dentition.

Features of simultaneous implantation

The essence of simultaneous implantation is that the titanium rod is fixed in the hole of the extracted tooth immediately after its removal. If, for example, a tooth was removed last week or a month ago, the immediate implantation technique is contraindicated.

Simultaneous implantation is carried out as follows. After tooth extraction, the implant surgeon installs the implant. A temporary crown is fixed on the abutment (supragingival part), which will be replaced by a permanent one only after 3-4 months.

Immediate dental implantation

Immediate implantation of the implant allows eliminating the defect immediately after tooth extraction

This period must be waited because the load on the newly installed implant can lead to rejection.

It should also be noted that in preparation for simultaneous implantation, not one visit to the dentist will be required, but several visits. In the clinic, the initial consultation is completely free. After a clinical examination, computed tomography is performed . It is necessary to determine the structure, thickness, height of the bone, the exact location of the maxillary airway sinuses (sinuses), the nasal cavity, the mandibular canal. Based on these studies, the implantologist draws up a treatment regimen. Then, the date of tooth extraction with the simultaneous implantation of the implant and fixation of the temporary crown is assigned.

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What guarantees should the clinic give?

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Indications and contraindications for simultaneous implantation

If it is necessary to remove a decayed tooth, in case of oblique, comminuted, horizontal cervical fractures of the tooth root, if it is impossible to restore the anatomical shape of the tooth by prosthetics, simultaneous dental implantation is indicated . If there are signs of a chronic inflammatory process, immediate implant implantation is prohibited. If the tooth was removed due to the ineffectiveness of the conservative treatment of periodontitis (inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth), one-stage implantation should be abandoned.

Absolute contraindications for immediate implantation are:

  • mental disorders;
  • blood diseases;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • endocrine system disorders;
  • periodontitis, periodontal disease – periodontal disease, accompanied by exposure of the root and a decrease in bone tissue.

What is better to choose: classical or simultaneous implantation?

Definitely say what’s better: classical or simultaneous implantation is impossible. In each clinical case, the choice of the optimal treatment method depends on the data of the clinical examination, the results of tomography. If the tooth has been removed earlier, the immediate implantation technique is contraindicated. Therefore, even before tooth extraction, it is necessary to think about how the defect will be replaced. The dentist should be asked in advance whether it is possible in your situation to use the technique of immediate implantation to restore the integrity of the dentition. After all, simultaneous implantation of the implant has a number of significant advantages.


  • No need for bone grafting (bone augmentation).
  • Less traumatic, as tooth extraction and implant placement are performed in one visit. And what’s important: an incision, exfoliation of the mucosa and periosteum during the operation is not required.
  • Lightness and simplicity when positioning a titanium rod.
  • Reduction of treatment time by 2 times.
  • Creating the perfect gingival contour.

Immediate implantation: before and after photos

Installing a temporary crown on the day of surgery avoids the appearance of black triangles – a soft tissue defect filling the interdental spaces.

Immediate implantation is the optimal method for restoration of the anterior teeth immediately after their extraction. Immediate implantation of the implant allows you to avoid bone loss, to preserve soft tissues in full, which is very important for creating the perfect gingival contour in the smile area. It must be remembered: in the case of delayed implantation, along with additional manipulations (bone grafting), additional costs will be required.

Specialists of the Clinic are proficient in all modern implantation techniques. Sign up for a free consultation, and we will help you choose the optimal treatment plan based on the characteristics of your clinical situation!

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