Descaling: why is it so important for teeth?

Annual teeth scaling and polishing in Lahore is indeed necessary to ensure good dental hygiene and to facilitate daily care, in particular brushing.

Would you like to know more about this intervention? Good thing, the team offers you an article dedicated to dental scaling.

What you will learn:

  • The importance of descaling
  • Methods used for descaling
  • How to avoid the appearance of tartar
  • How often to descale

What is tartar?

Tartar is the hardening of dental plaque. This is in fact a film made up of bacteria and saliva that is deposited on our teeth.

Brushing your teeth regularly helps eliminate plaque. In the absence of regular brushing, this plaque appears on our teeth but also infiltrates under the gums. Gingivitis can then set in.

The benefits of descaling

If a good brushing and the use of the dental jet make it possible to limit the appearance of tartar and the frequency of descaling, it is still necessary to be descaled regularly at your dentist. Indeed, the techniques used by the dentist will remove 100% of the residual tartar.

If scaling is not done regularly, bacteria break the bond between the gum and the root of the teeth. This can create real nests for bacteria.

The consequences can also be serious with gingivitis which can progress to periodontitis (bacteria that reach the bone) and therefore to loosening of the tooth.

Regular descaling also helps prevent cavities. Indeed, when there is no dental plaque, cavities develop much less quickly.

Finally, descaling also has an aesthetic aspect, in particular for smokers. It allows you to have a beautiful smile and whiter teeth!

The different methods to get rid of tartar

There are several techniques for descaling:


This is the most used method. It is painless and has very few side effects.

The principle is simple: the dentist passes a fine metal tip vibrating at high frequency over the dental surfaces. The tartar is then loosened. During the session, water is projected continuously in order to cool the whole and to eliminate scale by cavitation.

    Mechanical instruments

Different instruments are used to get rid of tartar. They are called “periodontal curettes”. They remove tartar by scraping.

    Sandblasting type systems

It is in fact to project fine particles of calcium carbonate on the teeth using a water jet and through a nozzle. This method is completely painless and is one of the most effective in getting rid of tartar.

Descaling: for whom and how often

Everyone is concerned with descaling even the youngest. Indeed, they can brush their teeth badly or suck a pacifier all day, which can facilitate the appearance of tartar.

Among those most affected by descaling, there are of course smokers and coffee and tea drinkers.

People who suffer from diabetes or heart disease should also have regular scaling as poor oral hygiene can be dramatic in these cases.

For everyone, teeth scaling and polishing in Lahore should be done at least once a year. The best is to do it twice a year. But it also depends on the quality of your brushing and whether or not you use the dental jet. In any case, follow the advice of your dentist!


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