How I passed my CompTIA Security+ Training has ALL elements of Adventure

I PASSED my CompTIA Security+ Training Certification yesterday so thought I should submit mine for the benefit of future aspirants.

My Experience:

20+ years in IT, in Architecture, Engineering, Security, Cloud . I have about 10 major and tough certifications in IT including Architecture, Program Management, Agile Development, Frameworks.

CompTIA Security+ Training

My preparation, course material:

It all started a few months ago when I joined a CISSP boot camp and started with CISSP Sybex book.

FAST forward: A few weeks back CompTIA Security+ Training  started to become priority due to some pressing requirements. Started my preparation by buying Delux Package from CompTIA Security+ Training site a few weeks ago and completing the course. Soon realized need to study little more. Searched the internet and bought :

Exam Scheduling:

I had scheduled my exam several times due schedule conflicts and also because wanted to study more.

Finally decided to schedule it for the evening on 05/29 , a working day for me. Idea was to study over the weekend and appear for the exam. Soon realized that 05/29 may not be a good idea because Security+ exam is tough and I will be tired in the evening.

So on 05/25 I decided to pre-pone the exam to 05/26.

And the exam day adventure begins:

Searched the PersonVue exam center in Google Map on my iPhone and left my home for the center about an hour 40 minutes before the exam starting time. Reached the venue after an hour only to find the building seemed to be closed. Lost about 15-20 minutes thinking what should I do. Asked a gentleman who took me to a bakery across the road. Bakery owner asked me the address. And said it is about 30 minutes from here, you are in a different city and said good luck.

Fear of forfeiting the exam started without even before appearing for the exam. I thought I will give it a try. As soon as reached the highway saw 45 mile speed sign so slowed down, only to see the cop in the real mirror. But as soon as I slowed down saw flashing light and got pulled over.

No argument with the Cop there just said I did not know speed limit and requested to do whatever he wanted to do FAST otherwise I will miss my exam. He took my license and insurance and came back and said I am leaving you with a warning.

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