How is a Moroccan caftan?

If at first we dared to wear an oriental tunic only on the beach, now it radiates new life on the cobblestones of the city. Fashionistas are fascinated by its elegance and do not hesitate to put it in their usual wardrobe. These dresses can also be used for weddings or other ceremonies (especially oriental ceremonies). You can always choose this outfit to achieve a unique look.

The origins of the caftan

Above all, you need to know what is called a “caftan” for those who ignore it again and again. Originally pronounced “caftane,” this originally long and broad garment originated in ancient Persia and gradually found its way into eastern Muslims and into Andalusia.

Before the caftan was considered beachwear, it was reserved for residents of major cities and was made from noble fabrics. It was often worn at major events, accompanied by luxury jewelry and embroidery. It was in Morocco that this garment developed further and became the most popular garment for both men and women.

The kaftans for women UAE is currently available in different types of fabrics and patterns. We can’t get enough of this essential fashion.

The criteria to take into account when choosing your caftan

There are three important criteria that inspire women on a daily basis when choosing their Moroccan dresses. Also called Takchita, here are a few things to get you started with this oriental dress: size, style and color. These allow you to easily choose the oriental dress that suits you best.

In order for your contemporary Moroccan kaftan dress to match your size, you need to make sure you have the correct measurements while following current fashion. Indeed, the right measurements are crucial for you to feel good in your contemporary Moroccan kaftan dress.

If you like a smaller kaftan, it will not improve your figure, as it swells and bumps will be noticeable. And if you are interested in a size larger, the natural touch is no longer noticeable, which is detrimental to the aesthetics. Also, a size that does not fit your figure will only embarrass you. It’s important that you look good with the clothes you wear or you’ll ruin an entire day.

You should also take into consideration the length of your caftan, don’t find it too short or too long. Changing the length of the kaftan is not recommended, as this will change its fit and the final representation will not be exactly accurate. However, you can choose a long caftan because it still looks so stylish. However, the length must not exceed a certain limit.

Start by choosing colors that match the different accessories that sync with your clothes: hijabs, bracelets, necklaces and shoes. In addition, it is also recommended to take your complexion into account, so that you have a specific color, suitable for white, brown or chocolate dark complexions.

Tips for wearing a Moroccan caftan

The caftan has undergone many modifications and alterations, a traditional garment that offers everyone a much better way to dress. The Moroccan caftan dress can also be worn with a wide belt, which creates a flat stomach effect. There are also lace kaftan dresses which are ideal for people with a slim figure. Indeed, the lace increases volume and thickness overall.

As for the caftan style, your choice will be made according to your desires and according to your personality, your appearance and your age. If it’s for a night out, you can wear one of the oriental formal dresses. And the color is also up to you. Still, it should match your skin tone, hair color, and eyes. It is advisable to adopt a discreet colored caftan with pastel colors. A pretty caftan is ideal for all types of ceremonies.

And for a sublime look, you need the right color and the right size. You can also wear a Moroccan tulle caftan, an ultra-chic fabric. It will combine the traditional and modern look. The embroidered caftan is also recommended for a wedding dress, but you should opt for the embroidery in silver and gold thread to enhance the radiance of the face.

Where to find the oriental ceremony dress of your dreams?

If you are looking for an oriental ceremonial dress, a Moroccan Takchita or modern Moroccan caftan dresses for weddings or any other event. You can find models of various oriental label dresses online. You can choose from different colors and styles of Moroccan dresses.

With the help of the Internet, you will find exclusive offers, but also essential promotions. With the promotion on the online store, you can buy a modern and personalized Moroccan kaftan dress at a lower price. Likewise, these online stores offer delivery services throughout France and to the four corners of the world, and this, in a very favorable period. Please note that you must pay online in advance.


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