How to wear a long dress when you’re little?

Trendier than ever this season, the long dress invites itself into the summer wardrobe. But is it suitable for all body types? We take stock of ready to wear women clothing.

Ultra-popular item for celebrities on the red carpet and wedding guests, the long dress is also essential this summer in our daily life. Vaporous, flowery or vestal, it plays on the length to better seduce us. But if this XXLong format is particularly suited to large, it tends to frighten all those who, precisely, do not flirt with the meter 80.

“It’s true that it’s a piece that we try often but that we have difficulty adopting. She has been regularly trying to make a comeback since the 1970s, but I think summer 2017 will be her season,”explains Claudine Verry, head of the concept and style department at Printemps. If we are sure of its ultra-desirable potential, we remain less sure of its ease to adapt to all body types.

Right or wrong? “I think that whatever your silhouette, you can appropriate everything as long as you are comfortable. The most important thing is how we feel about ourselves and not how others see us.” But to feel good in a garment, there are a few tips that you shouldn’t hesitate to use. And knowing how to wear the maxi dress well this season can help in particular. “What works well is the bohemian and holiday spirit. It allows a lot of things and in particular to play on sandals.

The 2021 trend is also in keeping with a garments spirit with XXL proportions, games of volumes. “So we say yes to the effects of ruffles, sleeves, asymmetry. “But beware! If it is difficult to assume it, it is better to choose it neither too tight nor too loose “, advises the expert of the department store whose ready-to-wear line” Au Printemps Paris “is launched for the fall – winter 2021.

Highlight your strengths

On the printed side, if we have shapes, we will choose darker colors with small patterns. And we avoid the horizontal stripes which compact the silhouette in favor of the vertical ones. We also play on materials: yes to airy, vaporous ones, and why not to the games of transparency that will reveal the legs. The most sophisticated will dare to wear a veil over trouser dress.

The split effect can also be the ally of the little ones. “But be careful, everything is a question of balance: if you opt for the latter, you avoid a more casual look.” To cheat, we also play on the optical effects with a high waist, or even empire which will lengthen the silhouette and mark less the shapes for those who want to hide their curves.

For accessorize, the long dress has the advantage of pairing with different styles. So if we like to wear it with flat sandals for a gypset or boho-chic effect that we will even allow ourselves for a wedding, those who are complexed by their small size will instead bet on heels to enhance the size. “But not needle-shaped. We prefer wedge hooves or rope soles. One last tip? If you opt for a fairly simple long dress, I recommend playing on accessories with jewelry or a pretty bag to catch the eye,” concludes the concept and style manager at Printemps. So whatever its size, we say yes to the long dress this summer.


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